Samsung Galaxy S Apparently Getting A Froyo Update

Samsung Galaxy S Apparently Getting A Froyo Update

One of our more common complaints at Lifehacker HQ is that Android phone updates don’t happen anywhere near as often as they should. The saga of the HTC Desire Froyo update ran for months. Will a promised update for the Samsung Galaxy S take as long?

Nick at Gizmodo (our go-to guy for hassling telcos about their snail-like upgrade policies) reports that Optus has said that a Froyo update for the Galaxy S will appear “in the coming weeks”. Given the elastic definition Telstra applied to “month” with the Desire upgrade, we’ll take that with a grain of salt. But I guess it does mean an update will appear eventually, as opposed to simply never happening.

Optus To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S To Froyo ‘In The Coming Weeks’ [Gizmodo]


  • Everyone with an Android phone feels this pain, still enjoying 1.6 on a Dell Streak 😛

    They should really separate operating system from device specific functionality, such that the OS updates are coming from Google itself, and the underlying code making the device work is put into a ‘driver’ which plugs into the OS. You know, the way desktop PCs do have been doing it since the dinosaurs were around. That way, hardware tinkers are free to mess about with the OS, general customers aren’t suck waiting for updates, and the manufactures only have to write one set of device specific code, as opposed to rewriting the OS every time a new OS version pop’s.

    Sounds good to me 🙂

  • this is expected delay,
    i have been waiting for the froyo update for my dell streak (from optus running 1.6) from a month. and now i came to know that Samsung is ready to release nexus 2 with gingerbread…….. W.T.F

  • I dont really ‘get’ the drama with updates. I mean, the OS they ship with is perfectly usable. Its not like a 2.1 device suddenly turns into a paper weight once 2.2 is released. And Froyo devices arent going to stop working once Gingerbread makes an appearance.

    In fact the only time an OS upgrade turns older devices into paperweights is when Apple does it 😉

    Who really cares if its delayed by a month? Or two? Or three? If you’re that keen to live on the bleeding edge, you would have rooted and be applying your own updates anyway.

    I have an SGS with JM8 and the Voodoo Lagfix and couldnt care less when Froyo appears. The phone works fantastically right now.

    • Agree with this. The lagfixes publicly available changed my mind about the SGS. Sucks how it seems to require a reboot at least once a day but I’m really not sure if its because of the OS or other crap I’ve had the pleasure of installing since I got the phone 🙂

      I’m still waiting for Froyo just to see if it would make a difference, but not like how initially craved it.

      • Actually you are wrong here, even with the lagfixes (try the Voodoo ‘lagfix’ its far superior to the OCLF) the phone occasionally freezes while it performs simple IO operations. Besides, 2.2 is not just about being ‘better’, it has significant performance updates in the JVM and several fixes for severe GPS and other issues provided by Samsung. So whilst i agree its not the end of the world using 2.1, this is a significant jump. From the looks, the same cannot be said for Gingerbread so i wont be as hungry for that to be released (if ever) for the SGS.

  • can anyone tell me more of this rooting thing, i have a galaxy s and would love to fix the lag… will that stuff my contract with virgin? I was hoping 2.2 would fix the lag?

  • Re Insider.. Inside what? A BOX. Well another so called inside release confirmation. That’s just hilarious. Guess next time you blog something we will all be following your comments…. not. What happened did you get your dates wrong? are you sure you did not mean 11/12/2011… lol. Lets face it as much as the sgs is a brilliant handset the debacle with the release of froyo has really damaged the reputation of samsung and any other carrier that has promoted incorrect release dates. So insider lets see you blog again with a reason why you are wrong…. guess we will wait till the 15th

  • What I don’t understand is, Samsung can create an awesome piece of technology yet fail to deliver on OS/firmware and software side of the product.
    Hurts more when I recommended to friends who purchased and now have a lagging phone due to the fact that you void the warranty via rooting to fix. On top of that Kies does not work so when the update is available, you can’t upgrade easily.
    Should of gone for HTC. 🙁

  • Another bad point about kies is its only a pc program, nothing for a mac. I run kies on a machine with xp os and kies works but it is so slow and painful to use. Before my sgs I had a HTC HD mini which was windows 6.5 had for 2 weeks and wanted to kill myself. so the sgs is a dream phone to me. Still they said it was going to be upgraded when I purchased it so thats why I have kept a look out for release. Didn’t know it was going to turn into this mess

    • to the guy sayin “who cares if its another month or two before the optus galaxyS froyo update” i fucking do!! the least a “rep” company could do is RELEASE the update on the dates THEY say.. some people,.NOT myself brought the samsung galaxyS purely waiting for froyo/gingerbread etc,.
      optus says its a big job,. well hire more fuckin staff and wk more hrs and release it,. if its not that simple you prob should NOT tweet/type/advertise a date when you clearly cant/dont stick with it..
      the galaxy tab has froyo,.what a joke..
      i hate this tomoro tomoro next wk next month., coming weeks by the end of theyear bullshit., if its JAN then SAY JAN and RELEASE it.,
      on another note,. “insider” your a FOOL,. no wonder you put insider as your name,. as you didnt have a clue when froyo was being released,. way to go buddy….
      anyway.., thats my fucking rant about the fucking froyo delay from fucked optus

      • Droid freak
        .. I agree. Insider should hang his head in shame. Announcing bogus release dates just makes all the more angry. I asked a Guy at a optusnet shop. He didn’t even know what froyo or 2.2 was.

  • Well optus you are now completely responsible for bullshitting to Australians…. Its now the 15th and still no sgs froyo on kies. Now I have read a another tweet saying mid to late Nov. “@anth07am Hey Anthony – 2.2 for Galaxy S will be available from mid to late November. Cheers – Dave” Thanks for nothing [email protected] you and all your staff members involved in Bullshitting to us SUCK. Lets not bother with reading anymore optus quotes because they are not worth the time

    • I agree James. I’m waiting on Virgin to provide a Froyo update, which I’ll assume will happen at the same time as Optus. This whole thing is a circus. Why can’t these companies communicate effectively with their customers, why all the quasi-announcements. Just make an official announcement via SMS of when it will happen and then stick to it.

      • Well I jumped on the optusnet Facebook page and every wall post I made got removed within seconds. So I then messaged them and got a reply. Now they state sorry there have been delays blaiming Google of all people. Now they wont give me a date. Which I guess in some ways is better than bullshitting about it. Bit I agreee you about a Taxi it would save a lot of pain.. Taxi when is up and available and not before

  • Just thought I would add insult to injury…was told by phonebiz that froyo is now not expected until next month (december) so who is telling porkies or not is anyones guess………

  • By using a rom in australia, will I affect the different bands available in Oz?

    I purchased the Galaxy S because of the coverage offered on the Next G network (Telstra).

    I don’t want to upgrade if it will affect my coverage.

    Does anyone know when it is coming out in Australia. I am getting sick of the “delaying tactics” .

  • Just got an another update in kies. Man if they updated the phone as much as that crap software we would not be here reading this. We would be just flatout dealing with release bugs…. come on optusnet just release it and lets us get on with fixing your precious release. Which I nt

  • I’m with vodafone australia and updated to froyo the day the unbranded XXJPO was released. Kept all my settings and apps as the firmware is compatible with all aussie networks (except Telstra).

    Simply use the ‘ registry hack ‘ technique which simply fools samsung’s kies software which comes with the phone. The best part is you lose all the bundled crap ware! Just DON’T factory reset before our you will lose your settings. If I ever need to reset I now have a backup using nandroid. And I hope to reverse all my tinkering if I ever need a repair under warranty. Tiss a risk but worth it IMO.

  • Just get clockwork mod, install a custom 2.2 rom and even a new kernel and be done with waiting for an ‘official’ release. Ive has froyo for a couple of months now and couldnt be happier.

  • …Sure, sure…Froyo update WILL be released on 11th NOV – NOPE!
    …DEFINATELY on the 15th of NOV – NOPE!
    Come on Optus ! …How about some good old fashioned ‘Customer Service’…??!!!

  • I still can’t get Kies to recognise my phone, so I have no idea how I’m supposed to update to Froyo. Pity that Samsung distribute such a horrid piece of software (Kies) compared to iTunes.

  • Hey Confused,

    Well i can only say how i got my phone to be seen by Win 7 64.

    1)Uninstall Kies
    2)Went into regedit and searched for all files with KIES, and deleted them all.
    3)Rebooted laptop
    4)Backup the internal files to SD card, synced my apps with (as easy to see what was installed and to reinstall) ***then unmount and remove external SD card***
    5)Format internal SD
    6)In settings set USB connection to Ask
    7)Plugged in usb cable to laptop and phone, choose Mass Storage
    8)Win 7 64 installed the basic drivers, and i could see the internal SD as a removeable drive.
    9)Unplugged cable from phone and replugged back in.
    10)Choose Kies (***this is without KIES being on laptop***)
    11)Watch as Win 7 64 installed the MTP USB Driver (the bain of my life) and another driver and watch as the pop up screen on laptop asks what i want to do (list of things, choose view phone)
    12)Now you can see a phone icon in My Computer with GI900
    13)Install the latest version of KIES.
    14)Kies finds phone (as the MTP USB driver is already succesfully installed at stage (8 + 11).
    15)Now starts the process of backing up from Appbrain and External SD card.

    Now this worked for me, as I have tried different usb ports, uninstalling and reinstalling KIes, downloading many samsung USB drivers and still getting the mtp screen flash on and off in a mocking gesture.

  • Well how much do Optus suck lets take a poll?
    1. being enough to make you mildly disappointed, 10. On the point of learning how to hack and sabotage there network. Hey optus here is one for you. I have now decided to release an update to the payments on my account tomorrow… no next week… no, how about when you actually release froyo for sgs.. you scum bags

  • All Optus Australia customers, Froyo was released on 29th nov through Kies! Official froyo JP5 firmware. Not a prank just read it on xda forums Finally!! No word from vodafone, 3 our telstra yet…

  • FINALLY. Today my KIESS showing FROYO update!! And I’m successfully upgrade it. Nice works OPTUS!!!
    My Kiess is I’m VERY HAPPY after LONG WAIT….

    All my friends at my office start upgrading the FROYO!!!

    Froyo is Coming in Melbourne !!!

  • Not sure why people are having trouble with kies. I have win 7 64bit and have had no issue recognising my phone. You need to make sure you unlock your screen after plugging in so it goes into usb mode.

  • Well finally after trying to connect in a (I wonder if it will work today mood) how many bloody weeks after it was released. I mean it’s almost bloody christmas. I can upgrade… Then of course a message check your internet connection…. well my 3 other workstations are connecting fine… Just the samsung server is crap thats what I think.. So after trying 5 times and getting half way through the download it finally downloads and well no I have froyo. Its about bloddy time. So far so good no real issues. Phone seems faster, some new apps and coloured icons. Why bloody why did it take so long samsung and optus? You really sux ass

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