Kmart Selling Android Xperia Mini X10 Pro For $99

Kmart is full of cheap Android phones right now. As well as the $79 Motorola Flipout we mentioned last week, there's also a $99 deal on a Telstra-locked Xperia Mini X10 Pro. That same deal appeared at JB Hi-Fi earlier in the year; it's a bit more than the Flipout, but you do get Android 2.1 and a more conventional form factor. [Kmart via OzBargain]


    I luv how phones have got so cheap now. Although I usually spend between $200 - $300 for a phone, These cheapies seem to have most of the functionality of a top-of-the-line smart phone.

    You cannot put something like this 2 days after another website advertised. they are sold out in almost all stores but one, which has 4 units.


      I wonder if they'd give me a raincheck ticket...

      Lifehacker Australia, just trying to emulate the fine quality you've come to expect from the US based Gawker sites.......

    The missus has been complaining about her Nokia X6's lack of a tactile QWERTY keyboard (after she asked for a touchscreen...) so I may just have to get her one of these.

    i got the motorola. the great thing about android having an app-market is that it allows you to take advantage of a cheap phone for other purposes.
    ie - i'm using the motorola as a HTPC remote control :) works brilliantly!!!

    Got one and love it. Good for the pocket so the screen is a bit small. For $99 what can you say?

    Brought three from Kmart earlier today: one for myself, one for brother and one for Mum. Called Telstra on 1300 720 179 and they unlocked all three free of charge. Now, we are all using our cheap TPG plans.

    Check with Kmart for stock levels at your local store. If it's not available locally, you can just order one online from Kmart:

    At $99, these are great phones compared to other feature phones and Chinese Android phones at the $100 price point. They were selling for over $280 just six months ago and was about $628 when it was released last year.

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