JB Hi-Fi Selling Xperia X10 Mini Pro For $99

We've seen brand new sub-$100 Android phones from Telstra, Optus and Crazy John's, so it was only a matter of time before that price point also hit older Android models. JB Hi-Fi is selling the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro for $99 outright as a prepaid handset.

Given the choice, I suspect I'd go for the newer models; the Mini Pro keyboard is nothing to write home about, you'll be getting a much older Android version (Danny at Gizmodo has confirmed the device is selling with 2.1), and the phone remains locked to Telstra. That said, it's a lot cheaper than when the phone launched for $629 a year ago. With luck, too, it portends some more Android bargains on older phones in the near future.

[via OzBargain]


    My sister has one of these, and TBH in many ways it kicks the arse of my N97 Mini.
    If you understand its limitations it's a great lil handset, and one of the smallest Androids out there.
    Plus, at this price it's worth experimenting with the Gingerbread custom ROMs...

    If one does root it, would that unlock it from telstra?

      I've heard that it doesn't, though I haven't tried it myself (always on contract, where phones aren't locked, so whilst I root them, it doesn't make any difference)


    I've been in JB Hi-Fi Qld this morning and the price was $149. Does that mean that the $99 isn't Australia-wide?

      I work at JB Logan and its a special we have going on. Store are instructed to sell the SE at $99

        That's great! Thanks a lot Ashumz. I'll have a look tomorrow.

    Do we need really need this type of electronic junk? I thought australians, generally speaking, wanted to save the planet, not use up more resources needlessly.

    Seriously what is this phone trying to be? With all the great looking, thin phones, this looks like something from the nineties. Ok a slight exaggeration but it looks chunky and all round rubbishy...

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