Internode Home Plans Have More Data, Count Uploads

Internode Home Plans Have More Data, Count Uploads

Internode has renegotiated its deal with Telstra and revamped its basic home user plans. Good news? Higher speeds and more generous allowances. Bad news? Internode’s progress to a we’ll-always-count uploads company continues apace.

The three new Easy Reach plans replace the main range of Home plans, and offer faster speeds than 512Kbps at many exchanges. $49.95 gets you a 5GB plan, $59.95 gets 60GB and $89.95 offers 200GB. Existing customers can switch to the new plans, though that will extend your current contract by 12 months.

The increased speed is a welcome improvement, and the download allowances are more generous than on older plans, but the new deals now count uploads as well as downloads, continuing a trend seen with many other Internode offerings (though not all of them). The plans also now standardly shape rather than requiring extra data bundles. Whether the price certainty of the latter offsets the upload counting will depend on your usage patterns.

Internode Home Plans Have More Data, Count Uploads



    • Regarding uploads: The assertion that Internode is progressing toward being an “always-count uploads company” is incorrect, and it also reflects a wee lack of research.

      The new SOHO Reach plans, launched with the new Easy Reach plans, don’t count uploads.

      Neither do Internode business plans.

      In January we’re slated to release bolt on ‘power user’ packs for our existing ‘T-Shirt’ plans to allow customers of those plans to gain unlimited uploads as well.

      Just wanted to provide some factual comment to address that (incorrect) assertion in the article.

      Simon Hackett

  • So your saying that Internode is re-selling Telstra DSL with Telstra DSL conditions (counting uploads) just like everyone else?

    The reason to have plans that count uploads is to have the same WOW factor that others are trying to sell with big numbers. Same reason the off peak data offerings exist (besides the likely hood of the ISP not having sufficient capacity otherwise.

    Unfortunately ISPs need to sell to people that think their download limit is there internet speed.

  • I remember a few years back when internode had a press release stating that they wouldn’t ever charge for uploads. It’s a shame the market is essentially forcing them into this.
    Consumers are negotiating a worse deal for themselves it would seem.

  • There’s no typo. $10 for 55GB more makes the 5GB plan pretty much pointless.

    This is really good for people like me out in the country – we wouldn’t otherwise have ADSL2+, and we only upload about 1GB a month (entirely from online gaming) so the counting uploads thing has no effect on us.

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