Internode Cuts Prices On Telstra-Based Fast Broadband Plans

Back in August, Internode reduced prices on some of its broadband services offered across the Optus network. Now it has made some similar reductions to its Fast plans, which utilise the Telstra network.

The biggest saving is on the 50GB Fast plan, which is now $30 cheaper. Because the plans are delivered via the Telstra network, different pricing applies if you're in an exchange with other ADSL2+ equipment from rivals to if the exchange is Telstra-only. That's not particularly fair, but one potential upside is that only downloads count against the total, unlike Telstra's own BigPond offering. Hit the link for details of the new plans.



    These plans are really good

    As long as you dont compare them to any other ISP's current TW offering.. that being said a saving is always good

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