Optus Ties Samsung Android Tablet Sales To Phone Ownership

Optus Ties Samsung Android Tablet Sales To Phone Ownership

We’ve known for some time that the Samsung Galaxy Tab would cost $999 outright, which is the kind of pricing that makes a contract look appealing. Optus is taking an unusual approach to its contract customers, giving priority to customers who already own the Galaxy S smart phone.

Ry Crozier at iTnews reports that Optus sent text messages to Galaxy S owners, inviting them to sign up for the tablet device. As is increasingly common ahead of the launch of much-hyped devices, no detailed plan pricing is being offered; Optus says it will contact customers from November 8 to finalise order details. That strategy has worked in the past for devices such as the iPhone, but that doesn’t make it a sensible approach if you haven’t compared alternatives from other providers. (The Galaxy Tab is expected to be sold through Telstra and Vodafone/3 in addition to Optus.)

What makes the approach slightly odd as well is that the Galaxy Tab can also function as a phone (unlike, say, the iPad). That doesn’t mean many people might not choose to have both a smaller mobile and a tablet, but tying ownership of one into the other seems a little odd.

Optus opens Galaxy Tablet registrations [iTnews]


  • I got the first text. Then a second text was sent out put saying they incorrectly stated that the device was full HD and corrected by stating that isn’t. All the text asked you to do was go to a website and register your interest.

  • Yeah.. I got those texts too daniel. And considering they are sending them to Galaxy S owners, they might have some kind of combined plan which wouldn’t be so blood suckingly expensive..

    ha, I must be dreaming

  • I will be shocked if that A$999 (inc. sales tax) price is anything but an RRP price that noone actually sells at. In other countries the actual prices for 16GB 3G Tab have been pegged to just a few dollars more or less that the 16GB 3G iPad.

    So for example in the US where the 16GB 3G iPad is current US$630 without sales tax about five carriers have announced outright purchase prices for the Tab of US$600-650 without sales tax, so ~A$700 inc. sales tax.

    In the UK Amazon is selling at #530 including UK sales tax, the exact same price as the equivalent iPad (#529). That’s about A$800 inc. sales tax.

    In Australia the 16GB 3G iPad is currently A$799 inc. sales tax. If Aus telcos aren’t on drugs and want sales, they’ll pitch the price some just under the equivalent iPad in the A$700-800 inc sales tax range.

    Plus the very similar 7″ Telsta T-Touch provides real downward pressure. While not quite as good as the Tab in almost every way (800×480 vs 1024×600, 800Mhz vs 1000Mhz CPU, Android 2.1 vs Android 2.2, 2MP camera vs. 3MP) is only A$299 inc GST. outright. Will the Tab really sell well at more than three times that price, at A$999 inc GST?

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