Samsung Galaxy Tab Unsurprisingly Cheaper On A Contract

Samsung Galaxy Tab Unsurprisingly Cheaper On A Contract

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Android tablet finally goes on sale this week, and that means options other than the rather OTT $999 outright buy price. While every carrier is planning to sell the device, so far only Optus has revealed pricing.

The $59.95 contract for 24 months costs a grand total of $1438.80 — not a bad deal given that includes two years access with 10GB a month (ignoring Optus’ off-peak policy). That’s essentially a data price of $18.33 a month. As Nick over at Gizmodo notes, the contract prices below $59.95 are a joke, since the additional handset charge makes them just as costly but offer less data into the bargain. The full pricing table is above.

I’ve been testing the Galaxy Tab over the past week, and it’s a fairly impressive device, especially for browsing and video watching. Making it into a productivity tool is a bit more effort, but that’s essentially true of any touch-screen tablet.


  • …or you could buy the Tab outright for $999, use an $80, 9GB prepaid, which lasts 6months, for a total of $1319.

    Pretty much the same price as the $40 cap, and you aren’t locked into a contract in case the data plans become better, or you want to upgrade to a new Tab within the 2 years.

    The plans aren’t looking like an option for me.

      • True, it was really a personal comparison. I have wireless at home and work, also the Qantas Club when I travel, so it really isn’t often I will be using the 3G for the internet. Hence my dismantlement with the current plans being offered. Icould wait for the Wireless only model, but there are time where I will want 3G internet, so I see a pre-paid as the best option. I think the plans on offer almost make it look like they expect people to use the Tab as their primary source of the internet. Is that really the case? Will people use it that way?

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