Planhacker: All The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plans In Australia

Samsung's latest smartphone hits the streets in a couple of weeks, and the telco websites have today lit up with pre-order offers. In fact, surprisingly generous offers in some cases. The telcos usually work hard to score new business around the time of a big new phone launch, but this time we're seeing a few new ideas.

For example, Optus is offering a big discount if you buy two new S9 phone plans at the same time. The first plan is full price, and the second line is 50% off for the life of the contract. Not bad if you have a friend or family member willing to split the total costs.

Telstra is dumping a bunch of extra gear on customers who pre-order, including a Galaxy Tab A 8.0 and a wireless charging dock, worth over $450 at full price.

And Woolworths Mobile is selling all S9 models for $300 off if you get in early. The discount is applied to total cost of the handset, which is then divided by the number of month's you choose to pay it off: either 24- or 36-months.

Below are all of the 24-month plans for each of the providers offering Galaxy S9 and S9+ pre-orders. Make sure you give the page a moment to load - there's a lot of data in these tables!


Telstra, where is the middle ground in these plans? If you need more than 5GB per month, but less than 20GB, then you're out of luck. Lucky Telstra is throwing in the tablet and wireless charging, I guess.

Also to consider, Telstra has confirmed that the Galaxy S9s will be the first Cat.18 phones on its network, so for some this will be worth the price premium. See the plans here.


As we've seen over the past year, Optus really wants you to sign up for one of its leasing plans (the My Plan Flex options in the table). You get so much more data in these plans at the lower price points, but these plans are designed to have you trade your phone in at the end of the contract.

Optus S9 64GB

Optus S9+ 64GB

Optus S9 256GB

Optus S9+ 256GB


These are Vodafone's plans for just 24-month phone repayments, there are also 12- and 36-month options too. If you want to see those plans, you can check out our full Galaxy S9 plans comparison tool.

Vodafone S9 64GB (24 months)

Vodafone S9+ 64GB (24 months)

Vodafone S9 256GB (24 months)

Vodafone S9+ 256GB (24 months)

Virgin Mobile

Thanks to an unrelated 10% discount on all phone plans, the Virgin Mobile Galaxy S9 plans are impressively cheap, and packed with data. Plus, Virgin is also chucking a Samsung wireless charger in with pre-orders, which is a nice bonus.

Virgin S9 64GB

Virgin S9+ 64GB

Virgin S9 256GB

Virgin S9+ 256GB

Woolworth's Mobile

Woolies is currently the cheapest option for the Gaaxy S9, but you have to act quickly; the discount only lasts until March 5. Afterwards, expect Woolworths to be among the cheaper options, but maybe not the best value overall.

Either way, Woolworths will definitely be the cheapest S9 plan on the Telstra network, by a huge margin.

Woolworths S9 64GB

Woolworths S9+ 64GB

Woolworths S9 256GB

Woolworths S9+ 256GB


Amaysim is offering three free renewals for new or existing customers on any of its unlimited mobile plans when purchasing the handset. You can either buy the phone outright, or join a payment plan from $57/month over 24 months (or from $104/month over 12 months.) See the plans here.

Joe Hanlon is Publisher at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s been writing about phones and plans for far too long.


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