What’s A Fair Price For An Android Tablet?

Android tablets haven’t yet flooded the market, so Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be one of the first to be available locally when it appears in November. But is its $999 outright buy price tag reasonable?

Samsung revealed the local launch pricing at an event yesterday. There’ll also be contract options with the four major local telcos (3, Optus, Telstra and Vodafone), but details on those haven’t been announced yet.

At first glance, $999 seems pretty expensive, especially when you compare the pricing for Apple’s iPad, which starts at $629 for a model with the same 16GB of on-board memory as the Tab. That said, it’s not exactly a fair comparison: the Galaxy Tab can operate as a phone and incorporates a camera, both options which aren’t incorporated into the iPad. Oh, and it supports Flash. It’s understandably more expensive than most Android phones currently on the market, though it does support Froyo, which most local models don’t at this juncture.

What price would you want to pay for an Android-based tablet device? What form factors would appeal? Share your ideas in the comments.

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