What’s A Fair Price For An Android Tablet?

What’s A Fair Price For An Android Tablet?

Android tablets haven’t yet flooded the market, so Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be one of the first to be available locally when it appears in November. But is its $999 outright buy price tag reasonable?

Samsung revealed the local launch pricing at an event yesterday. There’ll also be contract options with the four major local telcos (3, Optus, Telstra and Vodafone), but details on those haven’t been announced yet.

At first glance, $999 seems pretty expensive, especially when you compare the pricing for Apple’s iPad, which starts at $629 for a model with the same 16GB of on-board memory as the Tab. That said, it’s not exactly a fair comparison: the Galaxy Tab can operate as a phone and incorporates a camera, both options which aren’t incorporated into the iPad. Oh, and it supports Flash. It’s understandably more expensive than most Android phones currently on the market, though it does support Froyo, which most local models don’t at this juncture.

What price would you want to pay for an Android-based tablet device? What form factors would appeal? Share your ideas in the comments.


  • Wait, the iPad doesn’t even have a camera? That thing’s lamer than I thought.

    Still the most important thing is if it has USB, otherwise it’s next to useless IMHO.

  • I think around $800-900 would be better. I bought the Desire for $600 when it came out, but I think the retail was $700. Does it support buying apps from the market, because not all tablets are allowed to from google?

  • I don’t understand why all these devices have so much frame… If it was 7 inches of screen with a strip at the top and bottom for camera and buttons it would be a lot more attractive.

    I think $1k is a bit ambitious – Cant see why it would cost $1 more than the Galaxy S that’s about $730.

    • Tablets have thick frames so we can hold them with two hands without touching the sensitive capacitive screen.

      With phones, we actually grip the “sides” of the phones, single-handedly, whilst with Tablets part of the thumbs, both hands, has to be in front of the device to hold it properly

  • A ‘fair’ price would be on-par or cheaper pricing than the iPad.

    A car analogy would be something akin to Holden selling its Barina for $70,000. For that price, you can buy a BMW.

    Isn’t it business 101, you want market share, you under cut the competition?

  • I can’t see them selling many at that price or even at iPad price..
    The fact is that no-one knows what Android is (apart from a small minority) but everyone knows what an iPad is… Even my mum!
    At $300, the price becomes more realistic… That’s still twice the price of the Dealextreme Android Tablets.

  • I think a fair price would be $400 or less. It will be interesting to see how the market feels this out. On the one hand a tablet is larger than its smart phone counterpart so it should cost more, on the other hand it is smaller and less functional than a netbook so it should cost less.

  • Personally, I would buy one on day one if it was less than $500. If it is more, then I will wait till it gets some competition and the price drops appropriately.
    I am thinking it should at least cost LESS than the Galaxy S phone. Otherwise, why wouldn’t I just buy the phone instead? With the phone one would expect to pay a premium for miniaturisation, and the higher res screen.

  • For $999 you can get quite a lot of laptop. You get dual-core processing, at least 500 GBs of storage, a webcam and a large screen. It has hinges, a keyboard, fans for cooling, and is upgradeable. Not to mention all the ports.

    This is a small tablet, with an open-source OS, no keyboard, no or few moving parts and a much simpler processor and system board. Why is it that for less, I am asked to pay more, much more?

  • Break downs of the iPad parts say it chats $170. Add a camera and a USB port… I still see this as $500-$600 unless they have an Apple premium. I only pay that premium for stuff that works 90% of the time.
    Doubt this will.

  • The problem that Samsung have is that they need to position the pricing against their mobile phones and thus be more expensive than handsets. However, mobile phones are deliberately overpriced so that their main distribution channels (i.e. the 3g network providers) can buy tons of them at a hefty discount and appear to subsidise them to us suckers on a 2-3 year contract. If mobile phones were commonly sold directly rather than thru providers, competition would bring a well specced android down to $200 and therefore pads would just be a margin above to cover the larger screen.

  • its really fairly ridiculous. for this thing to even compete with the ipad it has to be the same price as the base model. watch no one buy this because the thing with the shiny apple logo costs less (for once :P)

  • Had been waiting on official price, but after reading this article, went straight onto a chinese store and ordered a G10 Android tablet with express delivery for AUD$195 (gotta love the exchange rate!).

    Would I pay more for better specs and local support, YES. But not 5 times more!

    Samsung have priced themselves outside the market value.

  • Lets to fair to the Samsung guys you can’t compare the cheapest iPad to the Samsung? The base model ipad does not even have wifi at $629 so this article is a little deceptive as a comparison after I looked into it more…

    iPad vs Galaxy
    Screen: 9.7″ vs 7″
    Multitouch: Yes vs Yes
    Memory: 16/32/64GB vs 16/32GB?
    expandable Storage: NO vs MicroSD slot
    CPU: 1Ghz vs 1Ghz
    RAM: 256MB vs 512MB
    Multitasking: NO vs Yes
    Camera: No vs Yes (1x front + 1x back)
    Phone: No vs Yes
    Bluetooth: 2.1 vs 3
    GPS: 3G model only vs Yes
    Battery: 10 hrs video vs 7 hrs video
    Media Support: Apple Mov, Mp4 vs DivX, Xvid, WMV, Flash
    Flash Support: No vs Yes
    Apps: Appstor vs Android market + non market apps
    Weight: 730grams vs 380grams
    16GB Price: $799 (wifi+3G) vs $999 ??

    Galaxy over the ipad:
    – Smaller Screen (Larger version is in the works apparently?)
    – 2x Camera’s
    – Double the RAM!
    – True multitasking
    – Mobile Phone replacment (single device)
    – Bluetooth 3
    – Better media support (flash + video formats)
    – Not limited to an “appstore”
    – 15grams short of being half the weight of iPAD

    All up I don’t think it’s a bad device comparied to the iPAD to be honest a price match of say $799 would be ncie but it is a more feature rich device so perhaps $899 might be a good price to be very competitive with iPAD (to get market share)

    Also comparing $200 devices to this is just silly look at the specifications guys these cheap units are crap compared to the iPAD and Galaxy, lets be a little more realistic and offer better comparisons rather than saying you want to buy the Galaxy for a silly price that is simply not possible for it’s specifications!

    Thats my 2cents worth any way… Hope some find it a little more helpful than the original article posted!

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