Apple Sets Australian iPad Prices

Apple Sets Australian iPad Prices

We’ve known for some while that Apple would allow Australian iPad advance orders from Monday May 10. Just ahead of that date, Apple has finally confirmed local prices and said the device will ship on May 28.

Here’s the good word direct from Apple’s press release:

iPad is available in Australia for a recommended retail price of AUS$629 inc GST for 16GB, AUS$759 inc GST for 32GB, AUS$879 inc GST for 64GB for Wi-Fi models. Wi-Fi + 3G models for a recommended retail price of AUS$799 inc GST for 16GB, AUS$928 inc GST for 32GB and AUS$1049 inc GST for 64GB.

There’s still a lot of detail we don’t know, such as how much 3G plans will cost: every major telco has said it will sell plans, but prices aren’t yet forthcoming. One interesting detail: Apple has now said the iBooks application will be made available in Australia on May 28, though it hasn’t yet said whether that means any paid-for books will be available. Overall, the prices are at the low end of what people were guessing.

Planning to order an iPad in advance? Want to wait and see what the other costs are? Tell us in the comments.


    • Rip off? Really?

      Very reasonable for an Apple product, for a laptop it’s cheap but not too far off an iPhone (the cost of which is hidden in a plan) How much is an iPod touch, it’s roughly half the size and half the price of an iPad.

      • Yeah I think them prices are reasonable too.

        You could argue for days that for that price you could get this and that, but there’s nothing else similar really.

        If there were other real-world tablets out I wouldn’t be so keen on an ipad but i guess the early bird gets my worm.

      • The key terms there being “for an apple product” and “for a laptop”.

        It’s certainly not a laptop and i’m imagining it’s not terribly good value if that’s what you’re looking to get out of it.

        As far as the usual US/AU pricing divergence Apple usually indulges in, this isn’t as bad as I expected. It’s actually pretty close if you look at currency differences and add in the GST.

        Probably going to pick one up myself but can’t be sure about the 3G until carriers are a bit more open about it all. Can always share wifi from the phone though.

      • I would consider one but its a big ask. You can get an atom powered, 9inch asus t91 tablet which is a full computer for $499 – they are a superseded model but there are heaps around. And that gets you a keyboard, touch screen, upgradeable everything etc. I want something to use as a car computer and the apple device could be nice but its too limited. I really admire their ergonomics and their wisdom in spending the extra time and money getting the design right. They are also more profitable than drug dealers though – only Porsche comes close (another design-led company) and that rankles me. Nokia needs to give Symbian the flick and do an Android tablet like this and I will buy it. And no flash? WTF?
        I can have a more capable but less cool device for half the money – its simple really. The ipad would not make me any cooler anyway. Doh!

    • $499 USD approximatly equals $561 AUD. Add 10% GST and you get $617 AUD. I couldn’t be bothered doing the comparison for the other models, but the price for the 16gb Wifi model is basically spot-on. I would not have been surprised if they gone with $649 or $699 as a starting price, so gotta be happy with $629.

  • How does apple get off charging nearly $300 more than what it costs in the US…

    i.e. at today’s exchange rate

    In the US 64gig Wifi+3G = US$699
    Converted to $$ todays rate – A$786

    How do they justify charging us A$1049 for the same product???


    • $699US is WiFi only. The WiFi + 3g is $829US

      Then you have to add 10%GST which is charged in Australia.

      So, $829 + 82.9 = $911.9US … + exchange rate = $1027.32AUS

      Not very far off is it? This is a much better deal than a lot of Apple products in Australia.

      You have to remember too that many people in the US don’t just pay the $829 US cost; you still have to add the applicable state and city taxes that are different all over the US. An additional 15% is not unusual.

    • One thing everyone forgets is there is customs duty too – and it comes before GST. So to modify your post

      The 64GB WiFi + 3g is US$829.00
      Add: Customs Duty US$41.45
      Subtotal: US$870.45

      Add: GST US$87.05
      Subtotal: US$957.50

      Exchange @ 0.896536
      Total: AU$1,067.64

      Our RRP: $1049.00

    • What most of the commenters here don’t seem to realise is that the US prices are all without sales tax, which are applied state by state. I got mine in california a month ago and paid 8% sales tax on top of the listed price.
      When you factor all that in, the Australian prices are very, VERY good, especially compared to the usual difference in other Apple products.

  • i think what Emily meant when she said rip off was that the ipad in the US starts at $499 (around 560 Aus)…..whereas here its going for a lot more

    but we dont get anything special in addition for the extra price

  • I’ve had mine for about a month now after picking one up in America when I was there. After a month of solid use, I have to say I’m very impressed with what the ipad is capable of. With a bluetooth keyboard, I can do pretty much 90% of what I’ve been using my ultra-portable notebook for. And added bonus is that it’s actually lighter and lasts a lot longer!
    So I’m planning to sell my ultra-portable laptop and change it out for a bigger (and cheaper) notebook on the off-chance I need a machine on the road for the 10% that the ipad cannot do.

    Those of you who are trashing the ipad without actually having seen it or used it in person, just wait til you try it. you’re probably reciting that over-used “it’s nothing but a big iphone” line. But that’s one of the exact reasons why this thing actually works!

  • You have got to be kidding me!?
    Anyone who says these prices are reasonable are clearly delusional.
    Upwards of $1000? How can anyone possibly think that is good value?

    • How many of the models are upwards of 1000 dollars? I think your mastery of mathematics is throwing off how you value things…

      Not all of us expect flagship products from fortune 500 companies at crazy dave’s bargain basement prices.

      It’s new, small, reasonably powerful. At their price I’d be surprised if Apple is even making a 20% margin. They are hoping for book sales / newspaper subscriptions for a consistent income stream like the appstore.

  • So it works out to be an extra $20-30 each unit; I suppose that covers shipping costs etc. to get it to Australia. I’d planned to get mine duty-free on a trip to Singapore, but I guess that plan’s ruined. Wonder why it takes so much longer to get to Singapore? Normally they’re double quick with tech releases.

    Good news about the bookstore though; I had serious doubts that it would be ready before 2011 due to too many lawyers.

    The 3G plans are going to be an absolute rip off due to Australia’s dodgy broadband services. You’ll get some cheap plans from 3 and Optus, but their coverage sucks. Telstra has better coverage, but you have to sell your firstborn into slavery to afford it. Hope they have a pre-paid no contract option like cell phones.

  • Yes, I agree with Oz. The iPad is not nearly as expensive as I was imagining (I was figuring they would charge us $200 more -before- the GST!) but its the Telco’s that are going to hit hard for iPad data plans.

    I’m curious though, if I had both a 3G iPhone and a 3G iPad could they both access the same data plan or would I need a plan for each device?

  • Being an Aussie living in the US who has recently bought a 64GB Wi-Fi iPad, I can guarantee everyone in Australia is getting a bargain.
    I live in TX which has the standard (federal minimum) of 8.25% taxes. So when you see $699, you actually end up paying US$756.67, with the current exchange rate of 1.00 AUD = 0.888500 USD (or approx US$1=AU$1.125). It comes to just over $850. Lest you forget shipping, 10% GST (1.75% higher), having a smaller market for Apple products, credit card/FX conversion fees, etc etc etc.
    The iPad back home is a steal.

  • I can guarantee you its kids who have no clue about economies of scale and taxes that complain “boohoo why is it so high!”

    Kids these days. Wish they would get an education before they open there trap.

    For those who are complaining the prices are a bargain if you look at the big picture and get over yourselves. I guarantee these whingers dont know jack about taxes, shipping cost, economies of scale and a fluctuating AU dollar.

    For the first time im happy its a good price(overall) compared to the States.

    • Shopordrop sux. You can get it driectly from apple on the day of the launch! Delievered!

      Yes that means if you order it online it will be at your house the exact day it is released. So they actually begin shipping it a few days prior to it going in stores so you can have it the same day as the stores sell it.


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