Samsung Galaxy Tab On Sale For $599

Pretty much everyone agreed that $999 was way too much for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, so this is worth noting: Unique Mobiles is selling the Android-based Tab unlocked for $599. That's more like it, though I'll hazard a guess stock will move pretty quickly at that price. If anyone has bought from Unique before, tell us how well that went in the comments. [Unique Mobiles via OzBargain]


    You will have no issues with Unique Mobiles, I have dealt with them for years.

    It's a shame that it need a lot of tweaking to unlock the full potential, AND that the Galaxy Tab 2 is about to be announced soon. I think i'll wait. However, if they'd done this 2 months ago I be there with cash in hand.

    I think there'll be a firesale on these what with all the honeycomb tablets about to flood the market

    I went through Unique to get my old N95.
    No problems, seemed pretty good.

    Don't think I'll be getting a Tab just now though.
    I'm aching to see what MWC has to offer!

    Cheaper at DSE....

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