Vodafone Drops Price On Prepaid Broadband Starter Kit

Vodafone Drops Price On Prepaid Broadband Starter Kit

Looks like the recent $49 special at Woolworths for Vodafone’s prepaid 3G broadband starter kit was a taster rather than a one-off. Vodafone has now permanently dropped the price of the kit to $49, which includes 1GB of data with a 30-day expiry.

Unlike Telstra’s similar recent drop, the Vodafone deal doesn’t see the actual model of USB modem change. Vodafone is also offering extra data on its month-by-month plans if you sign up before the end of September. As always, we’d remind you that cheap 3G broadband isn’t much value if your local coverage is poor, but if you do get decent Vodafone signal, it’s a bargain form of internet insurance for when your main connection goes down.



  • I have never bought pre paid anything so am asking.

    If I buy 1 of these pre paid can I have it just sitting in the draw until I need it or do I have to keep it connected all the time ie pay for 1 month as above then hold onto it until I need it.

  • Coles got quite a bargain this week as well.
    Like Clearasil Regimen Pack for $2.99; Nivea visage oxgen power $0.99; Partially,Australian cancer council product lines are ranging $0.99-$1.99 each; Biore power couple moisturiser & SPF 30+ Lotion only $1.99. however , you’ll find loreal antiage product is much cheaper in Woolworths than coles WITH $15 AND $17 respectively.
    While grab the best deal, you should find all comsetic product line line reduced to clear though.

  • @paul
    I bought one on Sunday afternoon. Staff in the Vodafone shop at Parramatta Westfield hadn’t even realised that the price had dropped until I asked. There is no ongoing contract. Just pay $49, activate and use the 1GB within 30 days, then leave it in the drawer until you want to use it again, then log in and add more credit.

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