Dealhacker: Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB Dongle For $19 At Coles

Once more a simple 3G mobile broadband dongle rises from the primeval bargain soup. From tomorrow (August 8) until August 14, Coles is selling a basic Vodafone USB dongle with 3GB of data for $19 — $30 down on the usual price. (Check how the service compares with our prepaid mobile broadband Planhacker guide.) Coles is also offering $3 off any Vodafone recharge above $29. [Coles]


    pointless as vodafone has no reception

      Lol that's exactly what my gf was saying as I read out the offer, still $3 off for the recharge...better than nothing.

      I was about to post "Batteries and reception sold separately "

    You can have mine for the price of a Rum & Coke. It's been totally useless since I got it, No reception anywhere outside the main Melbourne suburbs. Take it further away from the city than Dandenong and no signal at all.

    this would be bad value if it was free. i'm one of the people in the great stampede away from vodafone

    It would be nice, pity I have zero vodafone coverage in my house or at work so it's pretty useless for me

    Sooo... when will Vodafone be a viable solution to anything other than cheap mobile calls? They really need their mobile broadband license suspended until they can get things sorted out. Even with this recent Optus Partnership, there's been no change in the network.. in fact it's actually worse, for over 2 weeks at least, in Sydney CBD now.

    I can see this is till the 14th but anyone had any luck buying recharge after the date? Is the discount still applied?

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