Vodafone Increases 3G Mobile Broadband Allowances

Vodafone Increases 3G Mobile Broadband Allowances

Vodafone has altered pricing on its postpaid 3G plans, increasing download allowances on most plans and reducing costs on its excess data charges.

The $15 a month plan has seen its data allowance rise from 1GB to 1.5GB. $29 a month now gets you 4GB (previously 3GB), $39 gets 8GB (previously 6GB) and $49 gets 10GB (previously 8GB).

On 12 month contracts for those new plans, Vodafone supplies a free modem (except on the $15 plan, which adds an extra $4 a month if you want a modem). If you prefer a month-to-month contract, a new modem costs $79.

The other big change is that excess data charges have dropped from 10 cents per MB to 2 cents per MB — an improvement, though not one in the same league as offering shaping or the ability to buy extra data blocks.

There’s fewer changes on the prepaid front other than the introduction of a new starter pack including 6GB of data for use over three months, which costs $99 at the moment (Vodafone says the price will eventually go up to $129).

My own experience with Vodafone has been that the network has become notably worse over the last year and that the software can be pretty unreliable. However, the price improvements do make it a more appealing platform.



  • Hi..

    Is it possible to run a mobile 3G broadband connection into a WAP of some kind? My mum lives in a suburb of Sydney where there is still no ADSL (not even standard) access, so relies on the expensive and slow Unwired service for internet. The Vodafone month-to-month plan sounds like a good idea but will it work or can be jury-rigged to work as a WAN (ie. Wifi)? If so, what extra things would be required for a laptop to do this? She already has the Unwired modem plugged into a Netgear Wireless router.. would this be sufficient, with the 3g dongle plugged into the laptop?

    • I used to run a bigpond wireless usb dongle and got it to share over a wifi network by plugging my laptop into a wifi router whilst the bigpond usb was connected to the internet. Then activate ICS (internet connection sharing) on the active network connection. This is also how i got my ps3 to go online as well. It was painfully slow and laggy at times but it worked fine for me until they released their bigpond wireless wifi gateway, which i then upgraded to.

    • You can buy a 3g wifi router that will allow you to plug the 3g USB card/PCMCIA card or maybe even the sim card into it.

      They are around the $200 mark but will make life so much easier than trying to muck around with windows internet connection sharing

    • There are routers from a number of brands that can be connected to a 3G USB dongle, including Netcomm, Billion, DrayTek and Huawei (@3).

      The Netcomm unit was available at Big W at one stage.

  • What’s the point of more bandwidth when the current offering has such woeful (criminal) uptime? Try even reaching 1.5GB a month in Sydney CBD!

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