Telstra Offers Android HTC Wildfire On Prepaid

Telstra Offers Android HTC Wildfire On Prepaid

The latest Android handset to hit the Australian market is HTC’s Wildfire, which boasts a 3.2-inch screen, a 5MP camera, the Swype input system and HTC’s Friend Stream app for accessing multiple social networking services. As announced last month, Telstra has an exclusive on the phone from August 24 through until November 15. Unusually for an Android phone, it will be available on prepaid plans after outright purchase for $349.

Post-paid options will also be available on Telstra’s usual range of caps, but I suspect the prepaid alternative will prove popular given the relative lack of choices for Android enthusiasts in this space so far. A newly launched Pre-Paid Cap+ deal is available with the phone, though the cheapest option only includes a fairly miserly 50MB of data.

That said, prepaid customers will have to wait a little longer. The phone becomes available to postpaid customers from August 24 (though only Fone Zone will have the white model until September 28), while prepaid customers will have to wait until September 6.



  • Oh man, never thought I would say this but YAY TELSTRA. lol

    Might other carriers offer it after nov 15 for a similar price? Or would that be doubtful?

  • I noticed that you made no mention of the horrible and annoying Telstra branding that’s forced upon us (screen saver, welcome screen, widgets, telstra website) All or which can only be removed by de-branding.

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    Unusually for an Android phone, it will be available on prepaid plans after outright purchase

    But that’s exactly what I did with my HTC Desire, I bought it outright and put it on a prepaid plan… how is this “unusual”?

    • The majority of Android phones in Australia are postpaid. It’s also a lot cheaper than the Desire, which lines up better with the general prepaid market (though you’re right, I could have made that point clearer in the writeup).

    • Lol. Yeah obviously if your buying a mobile phone outright and not on a plan then you would be buying it to use as a pre-paid otherwise you would of purchased it on a post paid plan in the first place. That’s what everyone does. So it’s not unusual at all. What the author wrote is unusual ;~/

  • The pricing doesn’t make sense.

    If you buy a Wildfire and put $30 a month on it, over two years you’ll pay $1069 – only about $100 bucks cheaper than a post-paid Desire. Put $40 a month on for something approaching a reasonable amount of data, and it’s more than $100 more expensive over two years.

    Obviously there is the advantage of not being locked into a contract, but it’s not worth the crappier phone and 1/10 of the data.

    I’m leaning towards the Desire on a contract ATM. Just waiting for Froyo to come out.

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