Telstra Selling HTC Sensation From Today

Telstra Selling HTC Sensation From Today

HTC’s flagship phone for 2011, the Sensation, officially goes on sale as a Telstra exclusive from today. You can buy it for $792 outright, or get it for $79 a month on a 24-month contract.

While you can theoretically get the phone on cheaper monthly plans, the handset charges put them out of contention: on the $49 and $59 plans you have to cough up an extra $30 a month anyway. HTC is bombarding the market somewhat at the moment, with the Vodafone-exclusive Salsa and ChaCha also hitting the streets recently.



  • wow…that is so expensive!

    i just bought the Sensation for $499, subsidising the cost by selling my HTC Desire for $300 on eaby…so $200 for the handset (unlocked, unbranded) with my current Virgin plan of $39 (for $190 calls and 1.5GB data), Telstra seems like MEGA expensive to me

  • Hmmm, $79 dollar plan would pay this phone off in 10 months, but its a 24 month contract. I got my iP4 on telstra when it launched. $120 upfront and $49 a month for 1gb data and 550 calls. Now, the cheapest $49 cap you have to pay 25 bucks a month ontop for the handset. They are deadset tossers for price gauging.

  • Tesltra outright price gouges their customers. Anyone giving them their money is a fool. Just look for the same product ANYWHERE and its cheaper. They are just charging a “lazy” tax.

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