Telstra Promises Froyo Update For HTC Desire Within A Month

The timeframe for Froyo on the LG Optimus is a little vague, but Android lovers rocking the HTC Desire have a more definite timetable: Telstra has said there'll be an over-the-air update to Froyo within the next four weeks.

In a post on Telstra's corporate blog, mobile handsets staffer Andrew Volard says that a Froyo update for Desire handsets will appear "within the next four weeks". The need to check that Telstra's customisations work, and the requirement to get a place in HTC's testing queue, are apparently the reason it has taken so long.

Volard also notes that Telstra will begin selling the Galaxy S, currently an Optus exclusive, on September 21, though pricing hasn't yet been revealed.



    This is one of the several reasons I got a Nexus One.

      The froyo is the main reason I chose the Desire over the iPhone. It's been disappointing having to use phone memory for applications. All the hype surrounding other phones with Froyo just makes me all that more impatient.

    How do we get Froyo if we have a Desire with an Optus sim??

      it'll Still get the update don't worry

    Hooray! Glad I held off on rooting the device. Looking forward to moving apps to the SD card.

    Im glad i told my friend to get a non branded UK Desire. He has had Froyo for about a month now.

    I thought all their 'customisations' were just shortcuts to their existing webapps.
    Think I'll stick to CM6.

      Don't forget the customization that stops you from changing the APN settings. My mate can't use JuiceDefender because of that =\

        i have changed my APN settings.. and i use APN Switcher to do it on the fly..

      19 shortcuts is a bit messy tho :(

    How do you go about updating it on an Optus sim?

    This is great news with an OTA update. Is it just the cynic in me that Telstra have announced this on the same day we get the announcement of the Desire HD being an exclusive to another network?

    Either way this is a very welcome step from Telstra.

    I hope Tel$tra activate the mobile hotpsot function in Froyo? Or i'll have to finally root.

    haha don't hold your breath.. they have been saying "in the next 3-4 weeks" for the last 6-8 weeks.. worst. telco. ever.

    "Telstra promises Froyo update within a month". That was stated on 15 September. It's now 14 October. Hooray, that means we get it tomorrow!!!!

    2.2 is live on


    Update is live at

    Installed this morning, most of the changes are "under the hood" as they say but with some welcome additions. Phonebook now pulls data from facebook, I was freaked out when I found phone numbers I never programmed in until I realised they'd been pulled from facebook. There's also the wifi AP mode, 720P video recording and a number of other improvements.

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