Telstra Gets Australian Exclusive On HTC Desire S

Telstra Gets Australian Exclusive On HTC Desire S

Telstra Gets Australian Exclusive On HTC Desire STelstra has snaffled another of the Android phones announced at Mobile World Congress, confirming it has an exclusive on the HTC Desire S. Annoyingly (and typically), we haven’t got a more specific release timeframe than “the first half of 2011”, and there’s no pricing. Gizmodo has the full specs for the phone and where it fits in HTC’s range.


  • From what I’ve read about the phone anyway, seems like the Desire has dropped out of the two horse race with the Galaxy S. The updated Desire S just hasn’t upped the ante with the new offering like Samsung has.

    • The Galaxy S and the Droid S are both flagship phones, while the Desire S is a mid range (this is the same for all 3 origional phones as well).

      While i cant tell you what month it will appear on Telstra, anyone who thinks about it can figure it out quickly 🙂

      The point being – we are about to get some really awesome phones so dont get a new one just yet – wait a few months 🙂

      • So if the Desire was the flagship phone for HTC last year, and the Desire S has been dropped to “mid range” this year, whats shaping up as the flagship for HTC in 2011?

        As far as waiting a few months, that can be said at almost any time of the year, couldn’t agree with you more right now though, especially with dual core phones right around the corner.

      • I’m sorry, but you’re mistaken. The Droid Incredible S and the Desire S have the exact same specs (see:

        “The big difference between it [Desire S] and the Incredible S it is launching alongside is that the Desire S will ship with Gingerbread (2.4) from the start, which should be some time in the middle of Q2 2011.”

        So yes, it IS their flagship phone and, while underwhelming compared to the Galaxy S II and all its super-slim, “super amoled plus” dual-core glory, I’m sure it will still hold its own when you use it!

  • “it has an exclusive on the HTC Desire S”

    Not much point being exclusive if you don’t acgually have any to sell and it’s superceded before you even get it on the shelf.

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