HTC Wildfire Hitting Telstra In August

HTC Wildfire Hitting Telstra In August

HTC’s Wildfire — the latest in a long line of Android phones from that manufacturer — is going to be released exclusively on Telstra’s Next G network in August. Want more launch details? Us too.

While HTC is trumpeting the new phone deal, pricing won’t be announced until “closer to launch”. Judging from this announcement and Vodafone’s recent Nexus One release, Android manufacturers have taken a leaf from Apple’s long-established approach of leaking tiny amounts of information to stoke interest. I wish they wouldn’t do that.

Gizmodo has full specs on the phone; while four colours are being made available worldwide, locally we’ll only get black and white. In the meantime, you can check out our overview of Android phone plans and guess which price point Telstra will favour for the Wildfire.


  • Bugger… I was kinda hoping the Wildfire would be my next phone.
    That’s pretty unlikely if it’s a T exclusive, unless they do some of their magical price restructuring that has been happening recently.

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