Premium SMS Blocking Available On Your Phone From Today

Don't want to risk costly premium SMS services ending up on your mobile? From today, ACMA's previously announced plan to allow SMS blocking comes into effect.

If you don't want premium SMS (and really, who would?) contact your phone company and ask for the option to be switched off. Yes, that will probably involve some painful hanging around on hold and yelling at so-called voice recognition systems, but it beats getting an unexpected phone bill for several thousand dollars.



    there is no information on that link.. it is just the ACMA home page..

    Sucks how we have to opt-out of this rubbish. Would be much nicer on consumers to have to opt-in to getting premium SMS (some providers probably already do this) but as a standard would be nice.

    Devz, while it would be nice to think that the telcos are on the consumer's side when it comes to premium sms, it's just not the case.

    The telcos usually take a 50% cut of all premium sms charges and have a vested in interest in keeping these services running.

    They make a bit of noise and like to be seen to be waving the big stick, but it's all show.

    You can find the details for opting out here

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