From July You Can Block Premium SMS

From July You Can Block Premium SMS

Don’t want the annoyance and financial risk of being able to receive ‘premium’ (that is, hideously overpriced) SMS content on your phone? From July, you’ll be able to ask your carrier to block it entirely from your account.

The change in regulations has been announced this week by regulator ACMA, and will presumably lead to a sigh of relief from the parents of teenagers everywhere. The exact details are still to be hammered out, but the roll-out date seems locked in.

The move follows last year’s crackdown on unscrupulous premium services by ACMA and the launch of a telco-funded service to investigate dodgy advertising in the sector. ACMA says complaints about premium SMS services have fallen by 50% as a result of the changes.

New mobile rules mean premium safeguards for SMS [ACMA]


  • Mobile Phone plans should come with this option disabled by default like they do for Overseas Roaming. If you want to subscribe to premium services, you can activate it.

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