Telstra’s New SMS Usage Alerts To Fight Bill Shock

Telstra’s New SMS Usage Alerts To Fight Bill Shock

Telstra’s long been the whipping boy of Current Affairs television when it comes to excessive bill charges, so it’s great to see that the telco has finally moved to improving its usage alerts for customers. At least when it comes to voice, SMS and MMS usage.

Rolling out progressively to Freedom Connect customers from today, the new alert system will notify customers when they have reached both 80 per cent and 100 per cent of their plan’s included call, SMS and MMS allowance via an SMS text message.

Adding the usage alerts is hardly a revolutionary step from Telstra, especially given Optus launched a similar system in August. Then there’s the fact that the ACMA essentially made them compulsory.

Still, if it’s going to stop teenagers and their parents from getting excessively large mobile phone bills, then it’s ultimately a win for the whole industry.

[Telstra launches new usage alerts for Freedom Connect customers]


  • Yeah well let’s hope they actually work. For the whole 7 months I worked for telstra the sms notification system was not working. Felt sorry for the customers relying on the sms notifications that just stopped.

  • they already have a such a system for data usage, although it is opt-in. Also they have started throttling data and eliminated the excess usage charges. Makes me happy to be a tls customer

    • I heard they were doing that before i even signed up with them at iphone 4 launch over 12months ago, but i have yet to see any evidence of such a system (i’ve only been over once when dropping from 3g to 1g data i was charged something like $2 by the time i got the sms, that was a few months ago)

      • The excess data throttling was mentioned months ago, but actually only came into effect TODAY. I called telstra regardin this because the issue had been brought up again in the news a couple of weeks ago, and they confirmed the date it comes into effect.

  • I get positively loads of notifications from Telstra already. If I recharge my prepaid and get talk, text and data bonus components, I get separate (but simultaneous) expiry SMSs for each of the components.

  • I just received a $500 bill (when my usual bill is $50 – $70 per month). It was all data related and there needs to be advice given when you reach 50%, 80% and then 100% in my view.

  • Old thread, but I have the sms notifications turned on for data… says you receive one at 80% and then one at 100%… but instead I received one at 108%, thank you $31 excess usage charge 🙁

  • I would like to congratulate Telstra on their obscenely exorbitant excess data charges! How you guys manage to get away with such evilness year after year is an inspiration to us all. Those multimillion dollar salaries are clearly well deserved. Well done Telstra!

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