Premium SMS Rules Get Even Stricter

Premium SMS Rules Get Even Stricter

Premium rate SMS services are a waste of money, but many people foolishly or unknowingly sign up for them. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has further tightened the rules regarding these insidious money sinks, which should stop customers being sucked into them.

Under the enhanced regulations, any service must use the word ‘subscribe’ or ‘subscription’ in sign-up messages and prominently feature costs near the contact number in advertisements for the service, while carriers must monitor providers on their networks. Reverse-charge services must also advise of the costs associated with a call before charging for it.

The new rules apply from June 1. In the meantime, our advice is simple: just don’t use premium SMS services at all. In a smartphone world, who needs them?



  • I don’t understand why they allow these kind of services to still exist. I get having 190 numbers hand charging a premium to call/sms them, they can have some use, such as recovering costs for a service provided, but the ability to charge people for SMS’s received, why does that exist? The only use for that is scammy stuff, it’s dodgy as all hell, why don’t they just stop it all together?

    • Indeed – cost for sending a text is fine, but you shouldn’t be charged for something you can’t directly control.

      I just disable all premium texts totally – if that’s not enough for me not to get charged I don’t know what is.

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