iPhone 4 On Sale Around Australia

iPhone 4 On Sale Around Australia

After months of speculation, the iPhone 4 went on sale this morning, with Optus, Telstra and Vodafone/3 stores around the country holding midnight openings to mark the event. Nick over at Gizmodo has accounts from the Sydney launches, and Gizmodo readers are sharing their own pictures. If you haven’t picked up a phone but are planning to do so today, check out our Planhacker guide to pick the best deals. Get in early — there’s suggestions that stocks for launch are pretty limited, and Apple still isn’t listing the iPhone 4 on its online store for ordering.


      • In line with what Angus said, you’re just going to have to go and buy it in person. I personally just came back from waiting for 12 hours to get mine and it was WELL worth it!

  • I lined up outside our local Optus shop in Mackay this morning and as I was 7th in line I actually missed out. They only had 2 32G iPhone’s and 4 16G models in the store…lame.

    • It really is a pathetic rollout, and I’m annoyed with apple for their stupid practices and poor stock levels, instead of launching when there is enough iphones for most of us, we all have to waste a lot of time trying to get our hands on one, especially those who want it outright away from apple stores and major cities, because if you don’t most likely you’ll keep missing out on the small quantities coming in, and even then still miss out. RIDICULOUS!!!

  • Spot on Ben, same here on the Sunshine Coast. My local Optus shop only had that many, I was 10th in line and even people in front of me missed out.

  • Only 10 units at my local optus store and that’s in the centre of Sydney City. I ended up arriving 20th in line and missed out. Although the guy there said Apple had promised further stock by Tuesday/Wednesday. Apparently it’s all a ploy so they can sell out first day

  • Virgin Mobile on Pitt St, Sydney only had 4 phones to sell on opening day – 2 x 16GB, 2 x 32GB. Luckily I was 4th in the queue and got the model I wanted.

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