Unlocked iPhones On Sale Through Apple Australia Site

Most carriers want to tie you in to a plan if you want to buy an iPhone, but if you don't fancy signing up Apple has made the task somewhat simpler by offering unlocked iPhones via its online store.

At $719 for an 8GB 3G, $879 for the 16GB 3GS and $1040 for the 32GB model, the pricing is better than the outright buy deals on offer from carriers. Apart from the obvious advantage Nick at Gizmodo points out — you can buy a phone in your pyjamas (or even naked if that's your thing) — it's a useful option for the large swathes of the population who aren't within reach of one of Apple's five retail stores.

[via Gizmodo]


    "At $719 for an 8MB 3G" Typo?8MB?

    Correction: 8MB 3G, should be 8GB.

    Yes, but they have no stock! Try and buy one.... delivery is out past next week.

    Why start to sell something you don't actually have yet, Apple?

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