No Midnight Launches For iPhone 4S

We already knew that when iPhone 4S was going on sale from Friday morning, so we wouldn't face a forced wait until the afternoon as we did with the iPad 2. It turns out we also won't have to get up in the middle of the night, as there are no midnight launches planned.

Over at Gizmodo, Alex reports that Vodafone has confirmed no midnight launch plans for the iPhone 4S, which ties in with Optus' announcement and suggests we won't see that from Telstra or Apple itself. That doesn't mean there won't be people with excess spare time queuing at midnight, of course, but 8am looks like the actual lights-camera-action moment.

Vodafone Confirms No iPhone 4S Midnight Launch [Gizmodo]


    Tip for people wanting a Telstra one, consider going to a JB HIFI for it. Whilst they may not get a mass amount of stock, for the iPhone 4 release there were only 3 people there when I got mine.

    I beat the rush and got a $100 voucher for my efforts heh.

      Does JBHIFI sell the iPhone 4S outright? i.e. not on a plan with Telstra?

        Historically there has only been one place to get a factory unlocked iPhone and that's from the Apple Stores themselves. All other places offer them on contracts or prepaid to a certain carrier.

    Well, I know I'll be lining up at the Perth Apple Store on Friday morning. Pretty interesting that us Aussies get the phone before any other country in the world though.

    I'll also be there in the morning. Haven't decided what time yet exactly but i'm toying with the idea of 4am. What's everyone else planning ? let me know so i can beat you there :P

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