iPhone 4 Due In Australia Late July

iPhone 4 Due In Australia Late July

Amongst all the details of the new iPhone, here’s the most crucial one for local buyers: Apple has currently scheduled the new phone for Australian release in “late July”.

We don’t have a price yet (which is pretty typical for new Apple releases). We don’t have an indication of carriers, though it would seem likely that Optus, Vodafone and Vodafone/3 will all come to the party, as they have with every model so far. The phone’s quad-band operation should widen carrier choices for non-metro users. And we should bear in mind that — as the recent release of the iPad has shown — that release date could easily shift depending on how well the phone does in the US, UK, Germany, France and Japan, which get the phone on June 24.

Our recent reader phone survey suggests that many Lifehacker readers, despite liking the original iPhone, have adopted Android because of its greater flexibility and easy multi-tasking. iPhone 4 partially solves the latter problem. Is that enough to get you excited about it? What do you like, and what do you still think is missing? Share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks Alex!


  • I’ve had every version of the iPhone (including the “2G” I picked up in Hawaii), and will no doubt get this one too. It just works for me.

  • I was originally really into this. The lack of 64gig is a bit off for me – was hoping to replace my iPod classic.

    Also thought an immediate ship might be their excuse for iPad delays. Late July? again?

  • 900MHz 3G is a huge winner for me, it throws iPhone back into the mix. It was previously not a consideration because it’d be next to useless in the country areas I visit.

    I think the Android devices will still have it for price though.

  • 720p video and iMovie makes this a great device for anyone into video work – everything else is a nice bonus. I’ll buy as soon as it’s available.

  • 1. The releases are a bit skimpy on what the Mail upgrade amount to
    2. Battery is still non-replaceable
    3. $%^&*() iTunes synch
    4. App restrictions that make the target audience someone out of the bible belt circa 1750.
    5. lack of divx/xvid support
    6. multi-tasking the wrong way

    • So tell us all how you would do it Mike. What would it look like? Remember the importance of design, it must work well, be easy and fun to use, be affordable, etc, etc. Or are you just whining/complaining like 95% of people on virtually every forum out there.

      • Yup. I got 25+ years of international design experience and patents under my belt. i hope you don’t think any design is beyond criticism?

        How would I do it?
        1. Actually say what the improvements are rather than saying some exist
        2. Having a user replaceable battery is a very valuable design feature. Going without your phone while waiting for access to Apple store and then waiting for replacement is not.
        3. I worked on portable device sync about 13 years ago when devices and comms channels were orders of magnitude slower yet still iTunes is a HUGE bottleneck. It’s incredibly inefficient for simple sync. I can’t get a photo or music file onto it in less than 5 minutes. A drag and drop transfer as other devices allow would be very user-friendly
        4. This speaks for itself
        5. I didn’t know about oplayer, but it seems that you have to jump through hoops to get the files onto your device because of (3) and (4).
        6. Multitasking is basically for a handful of apple services that allow media playback and geolocation services. Not much good for handling a couple of comms channels like a phone-call and chat session at the same time, or playing a multi-player game and taking a call.

    • Mike, firstly the improvements to mail are a unified inbox which allows you to see emails from all of your different accounts in one inbox if you wish, and conversation threading. this has been covered by apple

      2. also, the user replaceable battery required a mechanism which takes up space and means less capacity and battery life. i’d rather sacrifice a user replaceable battery life if it means my iphone lasts longer than it would otherwise

      3. yes, itunes is a huge pain…i completely agree

      4. i dont get what you mean by “app restrictions.” do you mean like the app store approval process?

      5. Apple has always supported certain file containers and promoted them over others. its not hard to convert your videos…there are many good free converters out there

      6. you have the wrong idea about multitasking. the way they did it was to release developer API’s that all of their developers will build into their apps in order to perform multitasking. some of the API’s will only be used if the app needs them, such as background audio and background task completion API’s. some of them apple wants in every app, such as quick task switching.

      the developers will have these built into their apps by now, and they were allowed to submit these updated apps to the app store starting june 10th. Apple will probably release them all at once on june 21st with the new iOS.

      So multitasking is not just for a handful of services, and it will be built into every application that is being actively developed.

  • The only thing that realy impresses me is the Quadband GSM, pentaband HSPA this thing will pack. Thats one internationally compatible phone! Sadly that awesome band compatibility is destroyed by needing a micro sim.

    It sounds like a nice phone, but apple always stuff it up in one way, this time its microSim.

  • WOW – videoconferencing – how very 2007 of them…. it’s amazing that finally catching up on basic specs like videocall/5MP etc will get them so much global media attention! Wake up people!

    • You haven’t been paying attention have you. Apple doesn’t do it first. It does it right, and makes it ubiquitous. Funny how it took Apple to drag the mobile phone makers into the 21st century though. No iPhone, no Google phones.

      • well thats not entirely true
        apple hasnt done video calling right
        theyve done it the exact same as everyone else did however many years ago
        no wait
        no they didnt
        those older video phones allowed people to call anyone capable of receiving video calls
        apple (who hates flash partially because of its being closed, but mainly because of revenue) has created a phone that ONLY works with other iphone hds…

    • i get your point about hypocrisy and it would be perfectly valid if it were true, but its actually not. yes, for now, FaceTime is only between iPhone 4’s, but the point is that apple created this high quality standard, and then they made it and open industry standard which is free for everyone to use. what is going to happen, is people will start developing video calling systems based around FaceTime, and eventually we will have a giant interlinked network of people on mobile phones, computers, wifi, cellular networks, whatever…and they will all be using the exact same protocol so they can all talk to each other. that is the point of FaceTime

  • I’d really like it to have included an FM Tuner. not a difficult thing to add and I am annoyed they didn’t.

    I like the longer battery life, but not that I can’t replace the battery if it dies.

    And from the sound of it I will really like the solid construction, scratch resistant glass and stainless steel casing.

    the video stuff is a bit of a novelty, i don’t think i will really use it.

  • I’m a little dissapointed that the video chat requires wifi for the next few months and that it won’t come here till late July, but other than that it fills all my requirements and I’ll get one. Really curious how the new Quadband GSM, Pentaband HSPA thing will work as I live out in the bush on Optus.

  • Rang optus this morning asking how much it would cost to upgrade from my 3gs…I’ve got 11 months left on my contract, they want $750 for breaking contract…For that money I should probably just buy direct from apple

    • I just called optus. will cost me $480 to break contract today as mine runs out in Novemember this year. Although, they did say that I might be able to change contracts before that time depending on my spending. Might just hold out till Nov thou so I can have the latets version of the Iphone4 as last time I got my 3G and 3GS came out not long after.

      • my optus contract expires in november this year too, but what they didnt tell you was that optus has a 21month free upgrade policy, so if you wait until you are 21 months into your contract (so august) then you will be able to renew your contract with a new phone without a cancellation fee. that is assuming youre on a 24 month contract

    • yeah, most people dont realise it and jump into plans.. you have to pretty much pay off your entire plan, so $X(spend per a month) x 11 months plus a cancellation fee i think. alot of my friends did that too and regret it. Or do what some of my friends are doing and get your parents, girlfriend,friend etc.. to get a plan for the phone and swap the sims (thats if they dont want the phone obviously)

  • I like it. Smaller form factor, HD Video, Multi-tasking.

    Late July suits me. This is around the time when my Optus Cap contract expires from the release day of the 2G, some 24 months ago!

    That was a cold and long wait – starting at Telstra at 4:30am and finishing 12:45pm at Optus.

  • I’m excited about video calling, but disappointed equally because of how it’s only iphone to iphone!

    Also, if we are restricted to wifi zones only for “facetime” or whatever it’s called, are we still charged for a data call, or for a normal phone call? further more, doesn’t that then mean that Skype is likely to get an upgrade as well, and seeing as that’s going to soon be available via 3G, can we then use video calls that way? :S

  • Still no way to change SMS tones!!

    Six ppl in my office have an iPhone! The other five always look at their phones when one has an SMS incoming!

    I have mine jailbroken so no problems for me!

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