Are You Annoyed By iPad Delays?

If you pre-ordered an iPad after mid-May, you won't get it until June 7 at the earliest — but if you hit the shops last Friday, you could have picked one up straight away. That's not gone down well with some prospective purchasers.

At the Australian Newsagency Blog, Mark actually contacted Apple to ask why advance orders weren't given priority over on-the-day retail buyers:

The Apple representative had absolutely no joy for me and no explanation as to how people could buy off the street today what I preordered and prepaid for three weeks ago and am yet to receive. No matter how I couched my questions the canned answers kept coming. What irritated me the most what that she understood my concerns and wanted to help me. Not!

Given that situation, some buyers have reacted by cancelling their orders and hitting the shops, but that's tricky if the purchase has already been charged to your card. Apple does make its shipping dates relatively clear when you order, though at the moment it only offers a non-specific "June". I doubt it would have decided to ship all its stock for advance orders and have nothing in stores (if only to ensure it got blanket TV news coverage on the day of release). Nonetheless, it isn't a shining example of consumer-centric behaviour, a mantle Apple often likes to claim.

Have you changed your iPad buying plans after lodging an early order? Tell us (and tell us why) in the comments.

Frustrating Apple iPad customer service [Australian Newsagency Blog]


    Not at all annoyed, because I'm not buying one. :)

    But no-one will just cancel their order outright, I bet.

    I was getting ready to go buy mine from JB HiFi as mine didn't show up till 4:30 and TNT closed at 5. So my plan was to be at JB at 5:10 and telling apple to stick it,

    A workmate cancelled his June 7 pre-order and bought one in a local reseller (coincidentally, the last one in the store). He had his iPad 4 hours before I received mine, despite the "BY May 28" assurance and the fact that my iPad was sitting with TNT for four days.

    When all is said and done, all I can do is mutter "meh".


    I will just get a iPed instead. lol

    If you annoyed buy a iped

    If i had ordered one i wouldve got my money back if this had happened.
    but it didnt, so enjoy consumer hell early adopters.

    Luckily i pre-ordered and received mine on Friday. I don't see the point of pre-ordering if one can pick up a unit at a retail outlet - so I empathise with those still waiting. I am guessing those outside the major urban centres with no access to an Apple store will be quite happy to wait a few more days.

    Don't lose faith, iPad hunters. I pre-ordered after mid-May when the date got pushed and got my iPad today (June 2). June 7 was a worst-case scenario.

    I'd pre-ordered mine through an apple reseller early only to discover that the reseller wouldn't get their orders two weeks later. So I cancelled and got mine through a Domayne store that friday afternoon. I was talking to the store manager there, and he reckoned that until the night before when the stock arrived he didn't know what he was going to receive, which made it almost impossible to advertise for.

    You think Apple is bad, I just ordered my new Porsche 911 GT2 RS and they told me I probably wouldn't get it until late next year! Very disappointed. I might cancel my order and buy a Ford, I hear they just have these sitting around the car yard and you can drive away no more to pay!

    Mark's had a thing for the iPad on his blog for a while, trying to get the other newsagents excited. So far, Mark's been the only one...

    It's terrible customer service and yet another example of Apple's contempt for its own customers.

    But to be fair, it's not just Apple that pulls this kind of crap. In Australia you'd be lucky to get pre-ordered stuff mailed out on the day it's available in the shops and actually delivered several days later.

    For anyone who wants an ipad and have the money why dont you just look on ebay, there is like a million iPads up for sale.

    Words cannot describe how I am annoyed by exactly this.

    I have not changed my plans in regards to the pre-order, it having already been placed on my card, but my anger at Apple was palpable on the day, especially given I read comments from people who went to literally the stores near me which had no lines.

    I am a dedicated mac user (for work more than anything else) however their insistence on needing a "first come first serve" media frenzy blew my mind. The very concept that mac stores advertised that they would not be accepting pre-ordering at the store itself is the height of insult to consumers.

    It simply says that "we care more about spectacle than we do about our users". I do enjoy mac hardware, but their marketing department should be taken out and shot.

    Why pre order...why wait in linevat the Sydney Apple store. I walked intomDick Smiths in Georgevst Sydney at 10 am on Friday at grabbed one in 5 mins...the pre orders and the apple store line is just apple marketing 101.

    I pre-ordered the day it was announced, took the day off from work on 28th Friday and waited till 11am, I spent my entire morning watching ppl on tv watching news of ppl running out with iPads, and waiting wondering if the courier would ever get to me that day. it makes no sense to pre-order. This Apple fan boy wont be pre-ordering again. :(

    Don't you guys know anything about marketing?

    You make the product scarce to give the appearance of high demand when you could easily have built a stockpile big enough to satisfy even unexpected levels of demand.

    Apple (and Porsche) marketing execs obviously took Marketing 101 at university.

    You are falling for their marketing schemes like mindless fools.

    Wake up people, the Apple is rotten to core like every other corporation.

    p.s., Tegra 2 running Android will be superior and no walled garden.

    I feel sorry for everyone foolish enough to pre-order them. Apparently people were lining up for hours to buy the iPad from the Apple store, when they could have walked 20m to the nearest JB HiFi and bought one immediately.

    I would not be surprised if other retailers have massive amounts of stock, and people are just too stupid to go there and purchase their latest toy.

    Ordered mine mid May.. just got an email from Apple saying it will be mid June till I get one now..
    This is the first... and last Mac I ever buy...
    Android tablets are everywhere now..cheaper and better specs.. Apple you suck big time!

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