What's Your Phone Of Choice, And Why?

Last week, Nick over at Gizmodo asked readers what their current mobile phone of choice was. It was a pretty interesting exercise, so I figure it's worth repeating for Lifehacker as well.

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Overall market share data gives us some idea of what people put down their hard-earned cash for. According to Gartner, these were the top 10 manufacturers globally for mobile phone sales in the first quarter of 2010:

  1. Nokia
  2. Samsung
  3. LG
  4. RIM
  5. Sony Ericsson
  6. Motorola
  7. Apple
  8. ZTE
  9. G-Five
  10. Huawei

It's probably a fair assumption that Lifehacker readers are more likely to use a smart phone. In that category, here's the biggest selling platforms, again from Gartner:

  1. Symbian
  2. BlackBerry
  3. iPhone
  4. Android
  5. Windows Mobile

But none of that data tells us why people choose a particular phone over its rivals. So I'm asking Lifehacker readers: what's your phone of choice, and why did you choose it? Price? Application range? Input method? Mobile network coverage? Liked the bezel? Tell us in the comments, and I'll round up the results next week.


    4. Android - Google Nexus One

    Because it's a real smart phone with a very intelligent and practical UI. It promotes openness and is first to get updates. Plus it gives me the freedom to do with my phone what ever I like.

    Functionality, form and possibilities.

    While the iphone does have some nasty restrictions attached (I'm looking at you iTunes) with a little patience (and may some jail breaking), it's something I can live with

    I use a Blackberry, its simple, fast and easy to use on the go. No fuss = less time fiddling around.

    The main reason I got a blackberry is that it was designed specifically for use in business. The form and function is close to perfect. Am onto my second version of the bold and the improvements have been fantastic.

    Blackberry. Because work provide it for me. Would probably buy an iPhone or Android-based smartphone otherwise.

    Symbian, because I'm still on contract.. and will continue to be Symbian because the others are out of my price range at the moment.
    I'm hoping the HTC Wildfire (Android) launches in the sub $50 and preferably the sub $30 bracket.
    Not interested in iPhone until it gets 900MHz 3G, Blackberry is too business focussed and Symbian is just old and from what I can see, dying..


    HTC Desire - Android

    Price - Very good MRO on Cap Plan with Telstra

    Hardware - Great hardware like camera/cpu. Expandable mempry, standard USB, etc..

    Software - Not locked down like an iCrap, but well supported and full of apps. Apps don't need to be approved by Uncle Steve..

    Form - Looks nice, which is a change for HTC..

    OS - Very stable, very open plans for upgrades. Easy to use, and easy to change (with the help of XDA) if i don't like the look of it.

    overall, it makes me happy all of the time. no issues to date.

    Iphone - love the internet expirence and easy of use and of course apps available, I now like how easy it is to emails and mms photos, like the txt conversations layout.
    HATE itunes... I use winamp for GF's ipod, Y cause its easier and better to use. Terrible battery life, but I live with it. Terrible "phone" all round really for making phone calls sound output, 3g connection, mic input all work against it being a decent phone compared to say a nokia.
    I just like the net... i mean lifehacker and apps at my fingertips and can deal with the downfalls... and have so for 2 years and 2 iphones, soon to be 3rd. sad really.

    Android - nexus one.
    It blows everything else out the water, and unlike the iphone not every man and his dog owns one. exclusivity is a great thing!

    Nokia e71 (& Blackberry given at work).

    Lifehacker readers are generally tech savvy so i will be surprised their vote for iPhone in the apple's secure banking.

      i choose nokia because of its shoutcast support for radio, wireless, emails, music and browsing. On blackberry, gmail app is THE best.

    HTC HD2...couldn't live without it. Had to get Winmo due to exchange requirement. Why isn't HTC on that list of top manufacturers...I thought they would have been in the top 5 at least!

      Beause most people have crappy phones.. hence ZTE, Huawei and G-Five(Never even heard of them??) in that list.

    I have previously always said Nokia. They have Previously been stable and full featured. But now they I have a N97, I'm at times wanting to choose my previuos E51 over it. I'm on a contract with the N97, so I'm stuck with it. The trap I fell into with the N97 is that the phone works great when there is nothing on it. I played with it in the shops and it was a good experience. Now that I have it loaded with Contacts, calandar, emails, tasks via MS Exchange, its not a happy phone.

    For travel overseas, Nokia E52 for long... battery life and it does everything, thin nice screen.

    Nexus One, simply because it's the best phone out there right now. It's a true smartphone and does just about anything you could want it to do.

    Ive posted this before, but i have a UK Motorola Milestone on android 2.1 on the Optus Network.

    Android is the most up to date, and open Smartphone OS available, and it has very few limitations. The biggest limitation on my phone is that i cant use an unsigned kernel (Motorola has locked the bootloader), because thats what Motorola want, but as i see it i was never going to Hack away at the OS, I don't want my daily phone to lose its stability.

    I bought a first gen iPhone two years ago as I was working on pen/touch technology and wanted to see what the experience was like.

    The sheer awfulness of iTunes and the nasty walled-garden politics of Apple have left a bad taste in my mouth, so when that phone dies I'll look at something else.

    By then I'll be living in Europe and looking for a phone that is less locked down to a single provider or by Apple's contracts with US providers.

    I had the misfortune to own a Nokia N80 before which was horrific. So HTC or some android phone is most likely candidate.

    HTC Touch Diamond - Win Mobile 6.5 on Telstra

    Why? Integrates with corporate networks. Configurable. Lots of applications. Good hacking / modding community. At the time of purchase best available from Telstra. Good coverage from Telstra NextG.

    Nokia E51, which runs Symbian.

    Good phone, has what I want. I am tempted by a HTC Legend or a iPhone but meh, too impractical for my needs.

    Nokia E71. Got it when it was first released and it is probably the best nokia have done imho (except maybe the E72 update). I've been a long time nokia fan but unless the new Symbian OS is a massive improvement, something with Android will be getting my dollars next. Nokia just haven't kept up unfortunately. I'm due for a new phone and I'm happy to wait until a few more Android phones are released in Australia. I wish our telco's would keep up with the Android releases. HTC Desire and Legend are a good start though. HTC Legend styling with high end internals would be nice. Are you listening HTC?

    iPhone - mainly because at the time I needed to replace my old dumb phone that had died in a hurry, and deal on the iPhone was really good, and the deals on Android based phones were so mediocre.

    While I find the iPhone great as a smart phone device, I do waver between desiring an Android based phone (I would rather write Java than objective-C if I'm gonna hack) and the Nokia N900 for it's extreme openess and hackability.

    HTC Hero - Android 1.5
    Got it because needed a work phone - was looking at Nexus One, but couldnt go that path because exchange support was too low - HTC adds some extras that allow more functionality. Even so, needed a few tweaks on exchange server to allow device. Loving android, but really hanging out for the 2.1 update. Personal phone is Nokia 6110 Navigator, but contract has expired, so when 3 releases some new android handsets, will be upgrading.

    Anything by HTC running Google Experience.

    I've had a G1, Magic and now running a Nexus One.

    I have a Nokia E63 at the moment and have had it for almost a year now. At the time, great phone, still is. I don't think I could go back to not having a QWERTY keyboard and not having multitasking.

    It has, unfortunately, had nice hard cement, asphalt and other assorted floor and ground covers attempt to make friends with it, but it still works (just with a few scratches, bumps and bruises).

    I am looking at replacing it some time in the next few months with a HTC Wildfire, but I would give my right arm for a Motorola Milestone.

    I have a 2+ year old SE k850i, which replaced my 3 year old k750i.

    It does MMS, email, internet (not well, but well enough) and is bullet proof around my 2 toddlers.

    I would like an HTC running android, but just can't justify it when my phone runs beautifully.

    Anyway, isn't part of the Lifehacker ethos about getting more use out of what you have, rather than getting the latest and greatest?

    Nokia e71 - got it because it was cheap and I wanted something that was solidly built and reliable. It has plenty of features, I browse the net on it a lot and best of all it has amazing battery life. At the time I got it I wanted an android phone but prices were too expensive. That's not to say I've been at all disappointed with the e71, it's been nothing short of fantastic and the best phone I've had in awhile. However my next mobile will most definitely be something running android, maybe a HTC Legend or Desire

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