The Worthwhile Announcements From Apple’s WWDC iPhone Event, Bite-Sized

The Worthwhile Announcements From Apple’s WWDC iPhone Event, Bite-Sized

Apple held their annual WWDC iPhone event this morning in San Francisco, and while we’d already seen the new iPhone, they still had several worthwhile things to announce and show off.

This is a quick bite-sized version of what Apple had to talk about today, focusing just on what Lifehacker’s most interested in. For a fuller rundown, check out Gizmodo’s definitive guide to iPhone 4 and their complete WWDC 2010 coverage.

The New iPhone

First, yes, the iPhone Gizmodo found in April is the next iPhone. Here’s the quick list of what’s most interesting about the new hardware:

• As we already knew, it’s got a front-facing camera.

• The new iPhone has video conferencing functionality called FaceTime. According to Apple, it’s developed on an open standard, meaning that it could potentially work with other devices. It only works over Wi-Fi in 2010, but Apple says they’re working with carriers to enable FaceTime over 3G. Read more specifics at Gizmodo. Image via GDGT

• The new screen has a very high pixel density, which Apple has coined “Retina Display”. See Gizmodo for details, but the short version is that, despite the marketing hype behind the name, text and image rendering will be very crisp. Image via

• The new iPhone sports a bigger, better battery. Apple’s numbers (which are normally fairly accurate for battery life): 7 hours talking; 6 hours 3G browsing; 10 hours Wi-Fi browsing; 10 hours video; 40 hours music; 300 hours stand-by.

• The back-facing camera got a big upgrade. It’s got an LED flash, takes HD video, and will work with an iMovie HD app for the iPhone (which will cost you $US5).

The new iPhone is available for pre-order June 15, goes on sale June 24. It’s $US200 for the 16GB version, $US300 for the 32GB. Australia should see it in late July.

iPhone News Unrelated to New Hardware

If you’re not eager to buy a new iPhone but you’re still curious what Apple had to announce that still worked with your old phone, you’ll be happy to know that:

• iBooks is coming to the iPhone this month. It will sync with the iPad and work with PDFs. Image via GDGT

• Yahoo and Bing have been added as search providers in Mobile Safari, which is nice if you prefer a non-Google search engine.

iPhone OS Becomes iOS, Available June 21

The iPhone OS has been renamed to iOS, so iPhone OS 4 is now iOS4. It’s not terribly important for anything but understanding new terminology. iOS4 will deploy to current device owners on June 21 – except original iPhone owners. As usual, iPod touch users will have to pay for the upgrade.

See or hear something you found interesting at the WWDC keynote, whether we mentioned it or not? Let’s hear about it in the comments.


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