TV Networks Finally Allow Electronic Complaints

TV Networks Finally Allow Electronic Complaints

It’s been a long while coming, but Australia’s commercial TV networks are finally accepting complaints about programming and advertising online, rather than forcing viewers to send a physical document.

Complaints lodged via the newly-launched form on the Free TV Australia site will be automatically routed to the relevant network, which has to respond within 30 days. It’s compulsory to provide a mailing address (so that “networks can respond to your complaints”) but not to supply an email address, which suggests that the response will still be a written letter.

As the site points out, complaints can only be lodged specifically relating to the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice, which covers classification, news and current affairs content, promotions and advertising. Crucially, it doesn’t cover programs running late, which would otherwise presumably result in weekly complaints about practically every prime-time show. That approach will presumably will cut down on vexatious complaints, which are a legitimate problem for broadcasters whatever their (numerous) flaws.



  • So basically, nothing’s changed. Let’s face it advertising is how they make their money, so you’ve got squat of getting any satisfaction there! Never mind I’ll cut them out, or wind through them same as always (ever since my first VCR). The thing that beggers belief is how they can’t figure out that over running a show will inevitably cause the viewer to miss the crucial ending of the show they really wanted to see. And they wonder why people are downloading stuff rather than recording it? They really do need to figure out how the rest of the world is doing it instead of being so childish about it!

  • Um – TV Chanels. Are they still in existence. A bit over them they start TV series, stop half way through have a couple of weeks off to show the footy grand final. Move the shows to a different time slot, show the series not in episode order. Stop showing episodes half way through a series. Start running the episode earlier or later than advertised. Then they re start the series half way through the summer break. They wonder why we don’t want to watch free to air TV. No customer service! Anyone want me to keep listing grievances……..

  • Has anyone notice how all the channels have switched their hi-def channels to their third channel that show crap shows on HD… We have all spent thousands of dollars on Hi-Def recorders and TVs and now the only HD Channels are for shows most people dont watch… Channel ten has 2 Hi-Def channels 1 & 11 HD and 12 SD all operating on their sports channel and 10 SD… channel 7-70 now have their main channel both in SD while 9 is SD as is 99 & Gem now HD showing replay of old shows… all channels including ABC & SBS are treating us with distain by not giving us their main channel in High-Defination.

  • There is nothing but advertisments in bucket loads for us to watch i turned off nascar and several other programs in horror of the amount of adds i work afternoon shift and when get home out of 16 channels there is nothing to watch but adds or news.With 3 channels each one could be set aside for descent viewing or don’t afternoon workers who pay taxes deserve anything because your asleep thanks for nothing freetoair and special thanks to the who control you?

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