MiFi Makes Sharing 3G Easy

MiFi Makes Sharing 3G Easy

A 3G broadband connection is often useful, but by nature restricted to a single PC, and sharing it can get complicated, especially if different operating systems are involved. The MiFi gadget makes that task easy, converting your 3G connection into a wireless signal on a battery-powered device.

You can connect up to five devices to the MiFi, which also has a microSDHC slot to make file sharing simpler. Transmission speed is 802.11b/g (realistically, 3G would never get fast enough for the speedier n specificaion to be worth it) and there’s optional WPA2 security. Road Worrier definitely wants to give this a try.

Internode is currently selling the MiFi for $349, or $299 if you also sign up for a 3G plan from the company. We’ve noted that Internode’s plans aren’t always ideal value in the past, but even at the higher price this might be worth investing in if you regularly want to share a connection with colleagues or family.

Internode MiFi


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