Telstra Elite Mobile Wi-Fi Gives You A Little More Speed To Share

There's no shortage of 3G Wi-Fi hotspots out there, and now Telstra is adding another one to the pack: the Elite Mobile, which as you'd expect from the name claims higher speeds than its predecessor for sharing your 3G connection.

Telstra is claiming "typical" download speeds of between 550Kbps and 8Mbps for the device, though our longstanding experience with mobile broadband is that it's rare to get the top speeds. Up to five separate devices can share the connection.

The Elite Mobile Wi-Fi will go on sale through Telstra shops from April 12 for $129 as a prepaid device, which includes 5GB of data with a 90-day expiry. Pricing on the existing Mobile Wi-Fi model (which was previously $129 as well) has dropped to $99. You can check out its main prepaid competitors at Lifehacker's Planhacker guide to 3G Wi-Fi hotspots.



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