Internode Upgrades Wi-Fi Hotspot Hardware, Drops Price

Internode Upgrades Wi-Fi Hotspot Hardware, Drops Price
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Internode has ditched its MiFi 2352 device and now sells the Huawei 8352 as its main Wi-Fi Hotspot hardware for sharing a 3G connection amongst multiple devices. The 8352 costs $149 outright, or $49 on a 24-month contract — both a big saving on the $349 the previous device sold for.

Internode did drop the price of the MiFi midway through the year, but this is still a much better deal. You can weigh it up against other options in our Planhacker guide (which we’ll update soon with the new Internode deal).



  • The above sounds like a good saving.

    I use prepaid and am able to use free data (1 gig), since the android phone I use has a hotspot facility. I am with two different popular prepaid carriers both of which give a free 1 gig of data per top up. I guess my point is – separate hardware is not always needed (depending on needs)….. and competition must be getting fierce. SF

  • I’ve been using an unlocked Huawei e5832 ( for about six months now — it’s our only connection at home. We get 9 GB for $40 a month from Internode, which is enough for the three of us to do all the surfing we want. Obviously no movies.

    There’s no naked ADSL available where we live, so the only other option would be to pay ~$30 a month for a useless landline on top of ADSL 2+ account costs.

    TL;DR — Yay Internode!

  • Hughhhh,

    You should see if TPG has its ADSL2+ bundles in your area. They can do a bundle with 10GB (5GB peak/5GB off-peak) for $39.99 a month, or 100GB (30GB peak/70GB off-peak) for $49.99 (these prices include phone line rental). This way you could download movies and watch online TV on a fast, stable connection.

    It’s good you are happy with the Internode Mobile Wireless connection. Most people complain that Mobile Wireless drops out too much, or that speeds are too slow for multiple computers. I also admire Internode for its high level of customer service. You must have good Optus mobile tower coverage in your area, as I think Internode uses the Optus towers to resell its mobile broadband.

    • The 5+5 GB plan would be a step backwards from my current setup, given that the Huawei “mifi” device can be taken with us when we want to use our laptops out and about, or on holidays etc.

      The 30+70 GB plan might be nice, but I don’t think I want to spend an extra $10/month and end up with us all wasting even more time on the computers than we do already.

      We are in a good area for Optus mobile coverage, especially given that only about 12 months ago we had zero Optus coverage out here.

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