Internode Offering iPad SIM Plans

Internode Offering iPad SIM Plans

There’s already a healthy selection of iPad micro-SIM plans, most of which offer different deals to standard 3G data plans from the same telcos. Internode has entered the fray with a micro-SIM version of its NodeMobile 3G package, but hasn’t altered the pricing of the service otherwise.

When we’ve looked at NodeMobile before, we’ve noted that the service has two potential disadvantages: it doesn’t offer particularly good data volumes, and it uses Optus’ often unreliable network. Those issues remain with the newly announced iPad versions, though its $24.95 for 2GB plan fills in a gap in Optus’ own range. (Check our iPad pricing guide for full details of what each carrier offers.)

Internode has also dropped the price on its MiFi Wi-Fi sharing device, which lets you share a connection via a standard 3G SIM, by $50. While the micro-SIM plan isn’t iPad-specific, using the MiFi and a standard SIM does give you more flexibility, since you can use the same connection for other devices.


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