Use Your Phone Or Tablet To Physically Separate Distracting Tasks

Chances are you work on some combination of a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. If you have a smaller screen with you, it may actually help your productivity to use it for distracting tasks.

A Developer's Guide To Building Your First App

Dominic Williamson is an app developer who began his career as a psychology student with no prior coding experience. Within six months, he had produced one of the most successful apps on Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store. Here are some tips from Dominic that will help budding app developers kick-start their own careers.

Need A New Laptop For Work Or School? Tax Time Is A Great Time

The end of financial year is great time to buy new tech gear. If you use your computer at home for work — you may be able to claim your PC as a tax deduction. That applies to some students, too. Further, small businesses with total incomes less than $2 million can write off purchases valued under $6500 immediately in the year the cost occurred. So what new laptops/tablets are best for work or play? Here are some ideas.

Ask LH: What's A Good Tablet Choice For A Travelling Developer?

Dear Lifehacker, I am travelling in Europe later this year for 3 to 5 months. I run several WordPress and Joomla websites and would like to know the best tablet (and accessories) to buy so I can continue to run these websites overseas. Any suggestions?

How Do Costco Smartphone Prices Compare?

Costco sells food in vast containers at cheap prices. But are its smartphone deals such good value? Planhacker investigates.

Dealhacker: Get Up To 40% Off At Dick Smith This Long Weekend

Dick Smith Electronics is getting in early on the End Of Financial Year sales this long weekend, with up to 40 per cent off select products, including cameras, batteries, computers, iTunes gift cards, A/V equipment and fitness gadgets. Here’s what you can expect to see on special.

Convert Handwritten Notes To Digital Text For The Best Of Both Worlds

With the world’s obsession with apps and smartphones, it’s easy to forget how a simple handwritten note is sometimes the easiest way to jot down your thoughts. Luckily, you can still get the benefits of a searchable, fully-synced database using handwritten notes and get the best of both worlds.

Use A Lid Rack To Store Your Laptops And Tablets

According to the latest Australian Multi-Screen Report, more than 40 per cent of homes now have one or more tablets in them. Laptops ownership is even greater, with some 80 per cent of Australians owning a portable computer. The offshoot of all this is that our houses are cluttered with tech with no immediately obvious way to store them. Here’s one fuss-free solution that will set you back just $7.99

Windows 8.1 With Bing Explained

Microsoft has unveiled yet another version of Windows 8.1 — but you won’t be able to buy it and install it yourself. Here’s the lowdown on Windows 8.1 with Bing, and what it means for Windows RT.

Surface Pro 3 Australia Pricing: We Have To Wait Until August

This morning, Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, the latest addition to its tablet roundup. The 12-inch Windows 8 Pro device launches in the US on 20 June, but Australia will have to wait until end of August for local release.