iOS Vs Android: Which Platform Has Better Tablet Support?

Android and iOS both have mature app stores when it comes to phones. Support for tablets, however, are still evolving. We decided to take a look at how far tablet support on both platforms have come over the last three to four years of development.

Make A Bedroom Tablet Holder From Tent Poles

Hands-free viewing using your tablet or phone while in bed can be tricky. We’ve suggested using a plate stand in the past, but Lifehacker reader James has a different solution that doesn’t need a bedside table: a structure made from tent poles and velcro.

Dealhacker: Get A Windows 8.1 Laptop/Tablet Hybrid From ALDI For $599

From 26 March, ALDI will be selling the Medion Akoya P2212T; an 11.6 inch touchscreen laptop that converts into a Windows 8.1 tablet. With a price tag of just $599, it’s one of the most affordable Windows 8.1 laptop/tablet hybrids on the market. But will you be able to live with the necessary hardware concessions? Let’s take a look at the specs.

How To Find The Right Tablet For You

In only a few short years, the world has gone from having almost no tablets worth owning to far too many. Between iPads, the various Android tablets, and Microsoft’s not-quite-laptop offerings, how do you know which ones are worth your money? With our handy guide, of course.

Apple Has Stopped Selling The iPad 2

Well, there goes one cheaper iPad option. Apple has stopped selling the iPad 2.

Australian Tablet Owners Favour Apple Over Android

We recently reported figures showing that on a global basis, Android tablets outsold Apple. In Australia, though, Apple still remains dominant.

Tablet Sales: It's An Android World

Still wondering if it’s worth developing apps for Android tablets? According to new figures from Gartner, over 60 per cent of new tablet sales in 2013 were Android devices.

BYOD Policy 101: Myths And Realities

We’re living in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era: no-one wants to be stuck with an ancient work laptop or under-powered mobile when they can buy sexier options for less themselves. So how do you go about developing

Would You Purchase A Phablet?

‘Phablet’ is an ugly word, but oversized phones/undersized tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note are proving popular. According to Juniper Research, 20 million phablets sold in 2013, and that number could rise sixfold by 2018.

What Are Australian Men Hiding On Their Phones? [Infographic]

The ‘Connected Man’ survey from AVG Technologies attempts to shed light on the impact of connected devices on the lifestyles of Australian males. Interestingly, among the findings was the revelation that men are nearly three times more likely than women to have content on their phones that they wouldn’t show their children. We wonder what they’re hiding?