Why Disabling IPv6 Won't Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Support for IPv6 is enabled by default in most operating systems, and legend has it that disabling it will increase your internet speed. That’s not really true, and here’s why.

Ask A Question After Connecting With Someone For Better Networking

When you connect with someone at a networking event or online, it’s not always clear what to do next. Ask a question to keep the conversation going.

This DIY Internet Speedometer Visualises Network Speed In Real Time

There are plenty of ways you can go about monitoring your network performance, but this setup using a BeagleBone Black is always running and visualises your speed in a fun, colourful way. It lights up a tri-colour LED strip based on the current speed of your network.

9 Minutes A Day Is The Magic Number For Better Personal Branding

Professionals know it’s important to promote yourself to step up the corporate ladder. But if you think you don’t have the time for that, think again. Personal branding expert William Arruda says all you need is nine minutes every day.

The Best Way To Point Your Wi-Fi Router Antennas: Perpendicularly

Raise your hand if you thought pointing both of a router’s antennas straight up was better for Wi-Fi reception. Yeah, us too. According to a former Apple Wi-Fi engineer, however, the best placement is to have one antenna vertical and the other horizontal.

Get A 'Praise Pal' At Work To Avoid Self-Promotion

No-one likes that guy who talks himself up at work, but the fact of the matter is: you still need to get noticed to climb the corporate ladder. Marketing professional Eda Utku suggests trading with a colleague so that you promote each other instead of tooting your own horns.

Icon Ping Tells You At A Glance If Your Connection Is Terrible

Mac: Iconping is a simple network utility that lets you know at a glance if your connection is slow or dropping. As long as the icon is green, everything is OK. If the icon turns yellow, things are slowing down. If it’s red, you’re probably disconnected.

This Is What A Fibre-To-The-Node NBN Cabinet Looks Like

Trying to find out when the National Broadband Network (NBN) will reach your area or what form it will take is little more than guesswork these days. But since the currently favoured model involves fibre-to-the-node and the use of VDSL to boost speeds on the “last mile” to your home or office, the chances are good one of these cabinets will be involved.

Turn A Windows 8.1 PC Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot With The Command Prompt

Windows: Previously mentioned Virtual Router is the easiest way to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on Windows. 7Tutorials showcases a method that requires no extra tools — just the command prompt.

Randomise Your Computer's MAC Address With This Script

Your computer’s MAC (media access control) address is an essential networking component, but also makes it possible for people to secretly track you. If you want to really prevent that from happening, blogger Jonathan Zdziarski shows off a simple bash script that will randomise your address every 30 seconds.