Discreetly Organise Your Home Network Gear Inside A Custom Art Frame

If you’re tired of the mess that your modems, routers and cables are making on your desk, this simple frame design offers a nice-looking alternative for better organisation. Better yet, it’s easy to make it fit in with your existing decor.

Why The Journey To Cheap Fast Global Satellite Internet Is Risky

The race is on to get billions of people connected to the internet via a global network of satellites. Europe’s Airbus announced this week that it is to design and build up to 900 satellites for the privately owned OneWeb Ltd, which includes Richard Branson as a board member.

How Google Manages Networking In Its Data Centres

We know Google has enormous data centres. A new blog post from the search giant reveals a key strategy in how it manages networking within those centres: by ignoring standards.

Charlie For iPhone Introduces You To Who You'll Meet Before Your Meeting

iOS/Web: Charlie, the web service that gets you ready for meetings by briefing you on who you’ll meet, now has an iPhone app that will get you up to speed before your meeting if you’re on the go. Even if you don’t have an iPhone, the service can now email you before the meeting so you’re ready when you walk in.

Soon Power Over Ethernet Will Control Your Lights

Most of us are accustomed to using PoE, or Power over Ethernet, for delivering electrons to wireless access points, IP telephones and other small network devices. But in a demonstration at Cisco Live 2015 we saw it do a little more.

How openHAB Lets You Develop For Connected Environments

We’ve all seen the utopian product demos where lights, TVs and thermostats automatically activate and adjust to optimal settings as someone enters their home. But those demos usually require everything to come from one vendor. openHAB might provide the middleware solution for the Internet of Things in the home.

Connected Cars Are A Lot Closer Than We Think

We’ve been hearing about the connected car for some time — but how far is expectation from reality? Is there a model that will help us understand when this will really happen? Cisco say it’s closer than we think.

Reconnect With 'Weak Ties' To Keep Your Network Strong

You probably have a list of people you know well — and would reach out to first when you need help (like finding a new job). However, don’t overlook those you have less close relationships with. They may be able to provide information that is just as useful.

Engage Your Curiosity When Meeting New People For Better Connections

When you’re meeting new people, you’re probably spending a lot of time focused on how you appear and what you sound like. If you want to build a genuine connection with someone, though, get your mind off yourself and start getting curious about them.

If You're Not On IPv6, It Could Cost You A Fortune

We’ve long known that the pool of IPv4 addresses was near exhaustion — and as Tim Chown explains, that now means you’ll soon pay dearly if you’re not ready to shift to IPv6.