Build A Tiny, Portable Wi-Fi File Sharing Beacon

Ever needed to share a bunch of files with a group of people but didn’t feel like carrying on your laptop to do it? Over on Node, Chris Robinson put together a guide for building a tiny file-sharing beacon that shares anything you put onto its micro SD card.

How Handwritten Letters Can Help Your Career

Taking the time to write someone a letter — without requesting anything or asking for favours — can actually be a great way of making professional connections. It’s a surprising and charming way of putting yourself on the radar, if only to say hello.

Build A Directional Wi-Fi Antenna From Kitchen Gear And A Baby Bottle

Living with weak Wi-Fi is no way to live. If you’re not in a place where you can just add a bridge or repeater, a quick trip to the kitchen may be in order. You’ll need a baby bottle, a mesh strainer and a USB Wi-Fi dongle. Here’s how the whole thing works.

How To Make A New Coworker Feel Welcome

Remember your first week at your job? It probably wasn’t easy, but you got through it. When you have new people join your company, you can use that experience to help make their onboarding go more smoothly. Here’s how you can make your new coworkers feel welcome.

Focus On Making Introductions To Network Better At University

University is a great time for meeting new people, and those people will often be the ones who help you get a job later in life. To improve your chances of making a colleague for life, don’t hesitate to make introductions.

WiFi Map Is A Crowdsourced List Of Routers And Passwords

iOS/Android: If Maslow were to revise his hierarchy, Wi-Fi would be down there by the base, right between psychological and safety needs. For those of you thirstier for Wi-Fi than you are for water, WiFi Map is an app that shows over 2.1 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world.

How You're Sabotaging Your Job Search (And What To Do Instead)

When it comes down to it, a huge part of job searching is confidence — the confidence to apply to the best positions, to network with anyone and everyone, to convey that you’re the best candidate. But there can be a fine line between confidence and arrogance that you need to keep in check.

When Trying To Make Small Talk, Ask About Business Challenges

When you first meet someone at a networking event, small talk starts the ball rolling. Ask about the other person’s challenges in their line of work to open up the conversation.

Networking Is Bullsh*t

So you’re trying to become better at networking, handing out business cards like free samples to advance your career. We all try to do it, but approaching networking like an aimless productivity robot is bullshit. Just try to be a normal person and meet people.

Network Better By Creating A 'Hook'

Networking can help you advance your career, but it requires a little more than just shaking hands. Here are the three things you need when you’re trying to network.