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Ask For A Reference Letter As Soon As Possible After Leaving Your Job

When leaving one job for another — and leaving on good terms — you might not be thinking about needing a reference letter. After all, you already landed the other job. This is, however, the best time to ask your manager for a reference letter.

Get Shy People To Open Up By Asking Them Easy Questions

Talking to a shy person can be frustrating at times, but you can get them to open up by lobbing some easy questions their way.

Connect With The Gatekeepers Of Your Industry To Open Up Your Network

In our free market society, we paint a picture of a world where anyone can step up and get any job, as long as they’re qualified. In reality, there are gatekeepers in many industries that decide who’s worth hiring. Try to meet these people when you’re building your network.

Work Past Workplace Jealousy By Asking For Advice

Jealousy and envy can be nasty feelings, but manage them the right way, and you can actually use these feelings to your advantage, or even to further your career. Next time you feel envious of someone, move past it and learn something in the process by asking that person for advice.

Patch Your Cisco Nexus Switches: Critical Security Flaw Found On Switch Software

A vulnerability has been found on the software that runs on Cisco Nexus 3000 series switches and Cisco Nexus 3500 platform switches. The flaw could give remote attackers root access to the affected switches. Here’s what you need to know.

Use A Forward Intro Email To Make Better Connections Between Colleagues

Every once in a while, you’re going to need to introduce one of your colleagues to another by email. Before you do that, have the person you’re introducing write their own intro email to send to you first.

Nerd Love: Nine Valentine's Day E-Cards For IT Professionals

It’s the final stretch before Valentine’s Day on Sunday. If you have a significant other that works in IT, specifically in networking, who you want to do something special for, we are here to help. For a bit of fun on a Friday, here are a few funny “romantic” e-cards they might appreciate.

Find Out Which Files Are Being Accessed Over Your Network

We’ve talked about Nir Sofer before and his love of crafting nifty Windows tools and the developer shows no signs of slowing down. His latest application, NetworkOpenedFiles, lets you see which local files and folders are currently being used over your network.

Join Career-Themed Facebook Groups To Learn More About Your Industry

You might think LinkedIn is the only site to keep up with your field, but there’s a lot of conversation happening on Facebook, too. Look for Facebook groups that are related to your industry or job to listen in on these conversations and network with other professionals.

Improve Your Networking Skills With The 24/7/30 Method

From finding a job to finding a mentor, there are a number of reasons we network. You might not know how soon after meeting someone it’s appropriate to follow-up and connect with them. Entrepreneur’s Ivan Miser makes the process simple with the 24/7/30 method.

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