How to Delete People on LinkedIn Without Them Knowing

How to Delete People on LinkedIn Without Them Knowing

Deleting a connection on LinkedIn without them knowing is tougher than you’d think. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways around it.

Not really understanding how LinkedIn was supposed to work initially, I just accepted anyone wanting to ‘connect’ with me. What’s the harm, right? It’s a networking tool after all.

I was wrong. There are plenty of ‘connections’ I’ve accepted that now only serve to clutter up my timeline with painfully false scenarios in the hope they’ll become viral on the platform or worse, sales pitches for their company.

LinkedIn’s not a social media site I frequent often but when I do, I don’t want to it be filled with bad sales posts selling bad products.

Less of this, please.

One day, while quickly scrolling through the timeline, I realised it was time to do what I usually never bothered doing on other social media sites — bulk delete the worst offenders.

At the time, it didn’t seem possible to do this subtly on your phone so I had to manually head to their profiles, alerting them I’d visited their page before swiftly deleting them. I now realise this was an unnecessarily savage step but I’m happy to impart my wisdom so you don’t have to repeat it. (Side note: I’m a little bit sorry to the person who saw I deleted them).

How to subtly remove pesky LinkedIn connections

It’s actually relatively painless. Once you’re logged into your account, head to My Network and then Connections and it’ll show a list of everyone you’re connected to. You can then scroll down the list, hit the three dot option button and slam that ‘remove’ button.

If you’re on your phone, it’s the same process.

If you’re feeling a little savage, you can also manually go to each profile and remove them. Once there, you can also hit the three dot button and remove them but they’ll know you visited their profile if you’re not anonymous.

Either way, farewell terrible LinkedIn connections.

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