The Midsummer Night's Desktop

Linux: This beautiful Arch Linux desktop takes us down to the beach. Our friend dobbie03 submitted it, and here’s how he made it.

The Sepia Tone Home Screen

Android: If your giant phone blasting your face with bright light every time you turn on your home screen is displeasing, you might like this design. Employing a subdued, sepia scheme, this design is easy on the eyes, even with an AMOLED display.

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Coloors Makes It Incredibly Easy To Find The Perfect Colour Scheme

iOS/Web: Whether you’re designing a web page or trying to find a decorating theme for your home, the right colour scheme is essential. The web site and iOS app Coloors makes finding new palettes as easy as pressing the space bar.

The Expandable Home Screen

Sometimes, less is more. Today’s home screen keeps it simple with an open home screen with room to breathe. Swipe right and you’ll get an overlay packed with minimal widgets.

The Navigator's Desktop

Windows: Reader salt_and_pepper submitted this beautiful, functional desktop to our desktop showcase. A few widgets on the side and room to work on the left, and it’s all done. Here’s how it was made.

Your Video Card Could Be Slowing Down Adobe Lightroom

It seems obvious that the graphics chip on your video card would be better at handling pixels than your CPU. For certain tasks, that’s definitely the case. No surprise then that Adobe has built hardware acceleration into its suite of products for years, with Lightroom the latest recipient. For some configurations however, it could result in a performance drop.

Take Better Photos Of Your Kids By Photographing Them Every Day

Famed photographer Elena Shumilova says consistency is the most important thing for photographing your kids.

The Blurred Cards Home Screen

Android: Cards are a great interface element that brings related information together, but they don’t all have to be the same boring white, right? This design sorts your home screen’s important info into soft, eye-pleasing cards.

The Eclipse Desktop

Windows: Reader Pushkar put together this stark but open and clean desktop in just a few minutes with a couple of easily-configured components. Here’s how he did it.