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The Slanted Home Screen

Today’s design, built for Themer, is a single-page home screen that puts your most important information on one slick-looking page.

The Empty Desktop

Aside from the time, battery level and music in the lower left corner, you might think this is just a wallpaper. But it’s not — it’s Dan C‘s desktop, and he likes it empty. Every time he sits down it’s a glorious fresh start. Here’s how he made it.

Build Your Own Smartphone-Powered Alarm Clock And Speaker

If you use a smartphone as an alarm clock, you probably just have it sitting awkwardly on a bedside table, the power cable dangling off, ready to wake you up not by the tone, but by the awful vibration sounds. If you’d prefer the look of an actual clock, Instructables user vincent.verheggen shows you how to build one.

Bob Ross Ipsum Generates Dummy Text With Happy Little Paragraphs

Need to generate some placeholder text? Sure, you could use the standard Latin gibberish, but a more soothing and entertaining alternative is this generator using quotes from painter Bob Ross.

The Light Cards Home Screen

A nice, organised home screen layout can make your phone feel that much nicer to use. This design employs a few animated flourishes to accent its subdued and simplified interface.

The Mars Approach Desktop

This Arch Linux desktop features a beautiful photo of Mars floating in the dark, but that’s not all that’s interesting about it — transparent terminal windows and resource indicators round out what’s actually a very productive setup. Here’s how to make it your own.

You Probably Only Need Two Or Three Fans In Your Computer

When you build a computer, your case probably comes with a couple fans, with room to expand. But do you need to? The folks at Linus Tech Tips decided to find out.

All The Ways Advertisers Suck You Into Buying [Infographic]

As we have proven time and time again on Takeaway Truth, advertisements often have little to no basis in reality. From using fake ingredients to make food adverts “pop” to heavily photoshopped models, there’s nearly nothing an advertiser won’t do to suck you in. This infographic looks at some of the worst offenses.

The Eloquent Home Screen

Most home screen designs barrage you with information and colours. This home screen design instead opts for a clean, visually interesting, minimal design.

The DIY Dream Audio Production And Recording Studio

Nothing fancy going on in this clean, light-filled studio — oh, except for all that equipment and that huge DIYed desk. Toronto-based songwriter, producer, and audio engineer Yaro J designed and built his desk, roomy enough to support three monitors, four iPads, the massive speakers, and other equipment.

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