Learn The Basics Of Colour Theory To Know What Looks Good

Colours are important to making things look good, whether it’s the clothes you wear or the presentation you give at work. But not everyone instinctively knows that orange and blue is a perfect combination. If you can’t trust your own judgement, understand and rely on the basics of colour theory to always pick the right colours.

How To Look Better In Photos Based On Your Body Type

Most of us don’t like to see ourselves in photographs, because we don’t like to see our imperfections. Here are a few tricks anyone can implement to look better when the shutter clicks.

The Fiery Sunset Desktop

We’ve featured desktops from Flickr user xhuxhaxhu here before — this one stood out to us with its bright orange and dark black, open space, and just a few useful on-screen widgets to keep her informed. Here’s how she set it up.

The Flat Colour Home Screen

Like a dying star rushing towards a singularity, mobile design has been collapsing in on itself to form flat design. In that spirit, My Color Screen user Pitoko has created this simple, bright home screen.

The Rustic, Richly Textured Workspace

This loft-like apartment in New York City’s West Village features gorgeous exposed brick walls, bright spots of colour, and vintage furnishings throughout.

Arduino Is Releasing Its Own 3D Printer

Arduino is best known for its micro-controller of the same name and we’ve covered countless projects featuring the little electronic wonder over the years. With the 3D printing industry making massive inroads in the do-it-yourself market, it’s not that surprising that the company behind one of the ultimate bits of hobbyist gear is releasing its own 3D printer.

Camera+ Adds Photos Extension And Manual Shooting Modes

iPhone: Camera+, our pick for the best camera app on iPhone, received an update today to add a bunch of new iOS 8 features. This includes a new extension to work with Photos, some manual shooting modes, and more.

Weekly Wallpaper: Upgrade Your Screen Size With These Large Phone Designs

With the iPhone 6 Plus officially launched and the Note 4 around the corner, it seems like a great time to share some wallpapers packed full of pixels. These will work on small(er) phones as well.

Manual Is A Power iOS Camera With A Lot Of Shooting Options

iPhone: You have a lot of great options for photo apps on the iPhone, but if you’re looking for something with expert controls, Manual is one of the most customisable camera apps we’ve seen. It allows you to fiddle around with just about every camera setting you can imagine.

The Basics Of Camera Aperture, And How To Use It For Better Photos

When you’re taking quality photos, it’s important to know how your camera’s settings will affect one another. This is a quick and simple explanation of aperture, one of the most important features on your camera.