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The Drops Of Clarity Desktop

Reader ravenclawwit is no stranger to our featured desktop series, and submitted this beautiful setup to our Desktop Showcase a few weeks ago. It looks great, from top to bottom, and is pretty heavily personalised. It also has a little secret.

Take Better Photos By Understanding The 'Exposure Triangle'

While playing around with your camera, oblivious to the intricacies of photography, can be fun, it’s good to step back and learn the fundamentals. You may have picked up bits and pieces about aperture, shutter speed and exposure, but how do these elements work together to create a great photo?

Make Your Own Tiny FM Spy Transmitter

Ever wanted to act out your childhood dreams of being a spy? Make has a guide for building your own audio bugging device, which broadcasts an extremely low powered FM signal about 50 metres.

Fill The Frame With Your Subject For Better Portraits 

Many of us amateur photographers don’t bother perfecting the composition of a portrait while we’re shooting because we can just crop the photo after the fact. But as photographer and educator Joe Edelman points out, if you aren’t filling the frame with your subject, you’re just wasting your camera’s precious pixels.

Adobe Rolls Out Big Update For Photoshop CC, Smaller Updates For The Rest Of Its Apps

Adobe’s pushing out a big update to its suite of creative cloud apps, most notably to Photoshop, which gets a slew of new features including content-aware crop and match font.

BitCam Is A Fun, Chunky, Low Resolution Camera For iPhone

iOS: We all know the iPhone can take great pictures. But what’s the fun in that? BitCam is a camera app that’s all about a pixellated retro feel.

Everything You Can Do With The 4K Camera In Your Pocket Right Now

You may have a 4K camera in your pocket right now without even realising it. Even if you don’t have a 4K TV to watch those videos on, you can use that camera to make even better 1080p videos right now.

Top 10 Places To Get Stunning Desktop Wallpapers

Whether you love switching out beautiful desktop wallpaper or you just want something minimal that you’re going to open windows over anyway, there’s no shortage of great places to find something to dress up your desktop. Let’s look at some of the best.

The Best Technique For Mess-Free Nail Painting

Painting your nails is by no means a clean task, but perfecting your nail polish technique cuts down on time you spend cleaning-up. Here are some tips to get the look you want the first time with no fuss.

Google Fonts' Updated Website Makes It Easy To Find A Good-Looking Font

Google has had a collection of free fonts for a while. Recently, the site for these fonts got an update. Now it’s easier than ever to browse through the fonts and preview the ones you need before you download them.

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