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Why Your iPhone May Suddenly Feel Like It's Running Slower Than Usual

If it seems like your iPhone has been running a bit slower the last couple of weeks, it could all be in your head. Some interesting Google Trends data may explain what’s known as the “Slow iPhone” phenomenon.

Photoshop Fix Is A Simple Photo Retouching Tool For iOS

iOS: Photo retouching on iOS is always a bit of a pain, and while apps like Pixelmator do an admirable job, Photoshop Fix does much of the same work, but it does for free.

Save Money By Making Your Own Pumpkin Spice Mix

With Halloween on the horizon, it’s a good idea to have some pumpkin spice. You could buy a jar of the pre-blended stuff or, since you probably have half of the ingredients in your cupboard already, you could make your own and save some cash.

Fill In Allen Bolts With Wax To Deter Bike Seat Thieves

Coming out to your bike and finding the seat missing or a wheel gone is the worst, and replacing it is expensive. You can make it a little harder for would-be thieves to pilfer your seat by filling in the bolts needed to remove it with a little wax.

Every Phone That's Getting Updated To Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow is arriving. Of course, some phones may still take months or years to get an update. We’ve collected all the information we can on which devices will get updates and when.

Buy Products That Don't Normally Ship To Your Country With Parcl

Retailers don’t always ship anywhere in the world. If there’s a product you want to buy that doesn’t normally ship to your country, you can get around this with a service called Parcl.

The Vibrant Colour Home Screen

Today’s home screen design is the perfect accompaniment for Spring thanks to its vibrant purple and orange colour scheme. Here’s how to roll your own…

The Aincrad Desktop

Look, you can love or hate the Japanese manga Sword Art Online/SAO, but this desktop is pretty good looking, and comes to us from jester74. It’s a good looking Linux desktop, and simple to set up.

How To Set A Looping Video As Your Facebook Profile Picture On iOS

Facebook is starting to roll out some interesting new changes to mobile user profiles, starting with those of you on iOS. Here’s how to change your profile picture to a looping video clip on the Facebook iOS app.

Build Your Own Tiny, Automatically Updating Weather Display

Want to install a cool little digital weather display in your house but don’t want to spend much money? Over on Adafruit, they show you how to build one using a few cheap components.

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