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The Autumn Grey Home Screen

It’s the middle of winter which means you’re probably a little down in the dumps. You know what would feel great, though? Autumn. Autumn rocks. Until we learn to accelerate time or control the weather, this Autumn-inspired home screen will have to do.

Make A Quick-Fix Camera Dolly With A Towel And A Book

If you need to shoot a tracking video, you don’t need a fancy camera slider or dolly. You can do a makeshift version in 30 seconds with things in your home: a thick book and a towel.

The Serenity Home Screen

No, not that one. This home screen design aims to bring some calm to your hectic home screen. It includes several minimal widgets and a neutral grey-based colour scheme.

The Polygonal Desktop

Lifehacker reader Pushkar submitted this good-looking desktop, and we love the look of it. Useful as a second screen or when it’s time to work, here’s how he set it up.

The Orange Home Screen

Everyone needs a little vitamin C in their diet. You’re not going to get any from this home screen of course, but perhaps the heavy use of orange-on-black will help remind you to drink more juice. Or to watch more Netflix original shows. One of the two.

The Chromebook Yosemite Desktop

Paul’s desktop might look like it’s a Mac, but it’s actually running on his Chromebook Pixel. With a little customisation and some new icons, he’s made it his own, and it looks great. Here’s how he tweaked it.

Build A Temperature And Humidity Monitor With A Raspberry Pi

Looking to monitor the temperature and humidity in your house? Instructables user wpnsmith shows off how to build a monitoring system with a Raspberry Pi.

Easy, Original And Afforable Gift Ideas When Time Is Of The Essence

A planned gift is best, but sometimes you just run out of time. Or perhaps you want to put together a present that has a more personal touch (and doesn’t cost oodles to make). Apartment Therapy’s Taryn Fiol Williford has compiled a great list of creative options to surprise friends and family, without expending gratuitous amount of time and resources.

Improve iPhone Video Quality By Locking Focus And Exposure

When you’re shooting video with your iPhone, it tends to constantly refocus on images when you move in and out of areas. This causes a lot of blurriness and an overall junky look. To fix this problem, Cult of Mac suggests locking the exposure and focus.

Make A Custom Apple Watch And iPhone Charging Dock To Power Up In Style

In just one weekend, you can build this sharp-looking Apple Watch and iPhone 6 charging dock that will become the centrepiece of any desk or shelf. This video shows how it’s done.