10 Simple Upgrades to Improve Your New Home Right Away

10 Simple Upgrades to Improve Your New Home Right Away

Moving into a new home can be a chore, from figuring out how things work to unpacking boxes and arranging furniture, and it’s common to feel unsettled for a while. But whether your new home is a fixer-upper or practically perfect the day you move in, there are small upgrades you can make that have a big impact on how comfortable your space feels from day one. Here are 10 changes to consider.

New cabinet handles and drawer pulls

New hardware can be an instant and relatively inexpensive refresh for your cabinets and drawers, even if you’re planning to paint later or replace them entirely. You can also consider upgrading interior doorknobs and exterior locks if existing ones are dated. Soft-close hinges and add-ons like lazy Susans can also greatly improve functionality.

Change out the toilet seats

Swap out old toilet seats to feel like your bathrooms are fresh. A soft-close seat closes slowly and quietly — and upgrade to a bidet attachment for extra luxury at very little cost.

Install a new showerhead and shower curtains

Existing showerheads may be old, outdated, crusty, or mildewed. If so, change them out with something new. You could even switch to a fancier alternative with different settings, a larger head, or higher pressure. While you’re at it, install brand-new shower curtains and liners with new curtain rods and rings.

Fresh paint

A new coat of paint is an obvious upgrade, but you don’t have to do every wall in every room in the house right away to make a difference. You could start with an accent wall or repaint your front door or focus on a high-traffic living space. Fresh paint can also improve a dated look in the near term even if you plan to renovate later.

New house numbers

Replacing old or outdated house numbers for those that match your style is a quick and easy upgrade to your home exterior. You can also get creative with where and how you display house numbers, such as on a planter or retaining wall.

Add outdoor seating

Patio or deck furniture can make your outdoor space instantly usable, even if you’re still working on your home interior or the rest of your yard. Consider a table and chairs, lounge furniture, or additional shade.

Style your porch

In addition to furniture, there are a few ways to improve the look and feel of your front porch, such as a new doormat, planters, updated light fixtures, or a wreath for your door.

Install outlets with USB ports

You could simply swap out dingy or off-colour outlet faceplates with new ones — or if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, you could install outlets with USB ports to charge phones and other devices.

Upgrade your lighting fixtures

Upgraded lighting fixtures can be an involved but worthwhile project, but you can also install under-cabinet lights, smart bulbs, or motion sensors around your home to make lighting more automated.

Hire cleaning and steaming services

You could certainly scrub down your new house and steam your carpets yourself — or you could splurge on a professional service to do it for you before you move in. Entering a sparkling clean home that looks and smells fresh can feel like a luxury.


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