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Is It Better To Live In Sydney Or Melbourne? [Infographic]

“Which city is better — Sydney or Melbourne?” It’s a question that has caused countless pub debates on both sides of the border. While the answer is usually highly subjective, it is possible to reach an unbiased conclusion based on comparable factors such as weather, population and cost of living. This infographic from Cheap Flights looks at which city comes out on top in various categories. [Spoiler: Sydney wins, natch.]

As Cheap Flights’ accompanying blog post points out, this infographic settles absolutely nothing — arguments over which city is “best” will continue to rage on for many years to come. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how they compare when it comes to stuff like the price of a loaf of bread or the quality of coffee. While Sydney won the most bouts overall, Melbourne came out on top in rent, which is arguably all that matters.

Check out the full face-off below.

[Via Cheap Flights]

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