Living Costs: How Much Cheaper Is Melbourne Than Sydney? [Infographic]

Living Costs: How Much Cheaper Is Melbourne Than Sydney? [Infographic]

Sydney is commonly cited as one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in. While Melbourne certainly isn’t cheap, it is widely considered to be more affordable than its NSW rival. If you’re considering pulling up stumps and moving to the Windy City, you’re probably wondering just how much money you’ll save on day-to-day living. Here’s an infographic that compares the key cost differences between Melbourne and Sydney.

The infographic below comes from relocation service provider Santa Fe Wridgways with user contributed statistics supplied by Numbeo. It breaks down the average living costs in Sydney and Melbourne into three basic categories: accommodation, travel and food.

As you probably guessed already, the biggest disparity is rent, with Sydneysiders paying up to $870 more a month on single room apartments. Melbournians also pay a little bit less for groceries and alcohol, although the price of fast food and dining out is roughly identical in both cities. When travel, accommodation, drinks and staple foods are tallied together, moving to Melbourne could potentially save you thousands of dollars a month. (And let’s not forget that Sydney officially has the worst traffic congestion in Australia.)

With that said, the cost of living isn’t the only way to measure a city’s worth. (You know what they say about money and happiness.) According to Mercer’s Quality Of Living rankings, Sydney provides the best quality of life in Australia, exorbitant rental prices ‘n’ all. Anyways, here’s the complete graphic!

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[Via Santa Fe Wridgways]