Is It Better To Live In Sydney Or Melbourne? [Infographic]

"Which city is better — Sydney or Melbourne?" It's a question that has caused countless pub debates on both sides of the border. While the answer is usually highly subjective, it is possible to reach an unbiased conclusion based on comparable factors such as weather, population and cost of living. This infographic from Cheap Flights looks at which city comes out on top in various categories. [Spoiler: Sydney wins, natch.]

As Cheap Flights' accompanying blog post points out, this infographic settles absolutely nothing — arguments over which city is "best" will continue to rage on for many years to come. Nevertheless, it's interesting to see how they compare when it comes to stuff like the price of a loaf of bread or the quality of coffee. While Sydney won the most bouts overall, Melbourne came out on top in rent, which is arguably all that matters.

Check out the full face-off below.

[Via Cheap Flights]


    Not mentioned here is the fact the NSW has become a Policed state with a crack down on clubs & bars and fun in general. This Orwellian style of policing will surely see Sydney's demise with the youth of today.

      Do I want to go out every night? No.
      When I want to go out, do I want to be able to make the adult choice of being able to go out, when I want, as late as I want, changing clubs when I want, and not being forced by the corrupt government into a lockout exempt casino? Definitely.

    Where I live I can leave for work 5 minute before I have to be there and park, for free, all day, right out the front. No traffic lights, no traffic, no stress, no endless discussions about renovations or real-estate prices, yet good food, cafes and services.
    I don't miss the Sydney grind, it was fun when I was in my teens/early twenties, but was a grind after that.

      You didn't say where you live...

        Well if dozen people decide to move, it will double the population. Can't risk it

      Exactly the same except I moved from Sydney to London for 7 years then came back but now live in the Mountains — I don't miss a thing about big cities.

      My folks moved us out of Sydney when I was a kid, what an excellent decision.

      I'm enjoying how many people are popping into this article to say "neither". If I moved back to a capital city, it would have to be Brisbane or Adelaide. But give me a quiet beach-side town, the sun and the surf any day.

    It is funny how ingrained that rivalry can be. Reading through the list it was easy to dismiss all the Sydney wins, and likely the same when positions are reversed.
    It what world does more people make it better? More traffic, more crowds, more yuck.
    I guess Sydney wins towers, providing you count big bloody flag poles on the top of buildings as part of the building
    Who travels more, well of course every body would want to get out of Sydney

    I am sorry, but this is way too subjective with weather. I know that it is no doubt subjective with many other topics also, but it bugs me so much that people act as if hotter weather is better weather. I don’t like hot weather; I don’t crave more sun just so that I can go to a beach and increase my chances of melanoma.
    But then again perhaps I am biased as I live in Ballarat, so cloudy rainy days are in my blood. But when I visited both Sydney’s Sky Tower and Eureka Tower’s Bar 89, each time it happened to be when rainstorms were rolling in from the ocean, an in my opinion these kinds of weather events are far more entertaining than a day of simple sunshine.

      So it's summer... and Sydney has copped serious continuous days of storms where's Melbourne has a downpour and nek minute it's sunny. I don't get the weather thing either.

      Cold arse windy rain is very different to warm arse windy rain though.

    A pint for $3.82?

      You'd be hard pressed to find a pot/middy at that price!

      EXACTLY! name a single bar in Melbourne or Sydney that has a pint even for $5

      They don't even sell pints in NSW!

        Yeah they do. Pints are very common. Default is still schooner when you ask for a 'beer' tho.

    Funny thing is, if you grow up and don't travel far from Melbourne, you actually hear nothing about the rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne.

    Turn on NSW TV for more than about 15 minutes, and you'll be informed about the latest developments in the "Sydney vs. Melbourne rivalry".

      Each to their own. I hear more about Sydney v Melbourne from Melbourne friends than anyone else.

    Perth >. I reckon Perth would win on a lot of those demographics

    Surely you can't get a pint at that price - You didn't divide the cost of a carton (on special) by the number of pints you can make with it, did you?

    Q1 on the Gold coast is taller than both structures, and is livable.
    The whole infographic looks like a sham tbh.

    I've lived in both, and the easy answer to where to live is...


    Spent 4 years living in Melbourne before returning to broken, destroyed half rubble Christchurch. It's better.

    Bloody hell, listen to all the Sydney/Melburnites arguing over whether their city is the best in Australia or not, and not even blinking that there are actually OTHER cities in Australia as well...

    Clearly the adage that for Sydney siders, Australia ends at the Blue Mountains, and for Melburnians it ends at Ballarat holds true

    Of course everyone else knows that the correct answer to this discussion is Perth...

      There are other cities in Australia??

    Small quibble - you can't live in "Eureka Skydeck". That's the observation platform for visitors. The building itself is called Eureka Tower.

    Hold on a sec!
    Canberra has been ranked as the best place in the world to live by the OECD (more than once) so Sydney and Melbourne can shove it!

      Canberra is a nice place, it's just a pity about the locals. Same principle as SE QLD.

    I believe this is the fate of most cities in Australia...

    Can we just bulldoze Sydney and transplant Melbourne? Sydney itself is an utter craphole in a fantastic location. Looking to move in the next year, and as addicted to summer and sunlight as I am, you just couldn't convince me to move to the police state prohibition era corrupt craphole that is Sydney.

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