Is Adobe's New Creative Cloud For Teams Good Value?

Adobe has offered its subscription-based Creative Cloud software suite to individual users since April last year and at discounted student prices since October. Now it has launched an option aimed at teams in the Australian market — but the pricing doesn’t seem particularly compelling.

The most obvious distinguishing feature of the Teams release is an increased storage allocation per user (100GB rather than 20GB). It also includes workgroup management tools, a centralised administration system and two “Expert services calls” (read: advanced support) per seat. But you pay for that, as this comparison shows (all prices assume a minimum 12-month contract):

Package Price
Teams $87.49
Individual $62.99
Student $24.99
Education Teams $34.99

There’s a discount for existing Adobe CS3 customers at $62.99 a month, but that offer expires on April 30. (Adobe ran a similar short-term deal on student pricing to encourage sign-ups).

The extra $24.50 a month scores you 80GB in storage per user each month. By way of comparison, Dropbox for Teams charges $US795 a year for a five-user group, and gives you 1000GB between them. If you paid for five users on Creative Cloud, you’d pay $1470 for the storage component and only have 500GB to show for it. The integration might be welcome, but for large amounts of space the Dropbox deal looks better.

Adobe Creative Cloud For Teams

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