Adobe Just Hiked Up Student Creative Cloud Prices By 66%

Last week, you could subscribe to the student edition of Adobe's Creative Cloud suite for $14.99 a month. As of this week, you'll pay $24.99 a month. That's a 66 per cent increase.

The introductory deal for students finished on 14 April, so you'll now face a higher price. The student edition is still a lot cheaper than the standard Creative Cloud subscription, which costs $49.99 a month. If that sounds too expensive, check out our guide to free alternatives.

Thanks Rowan for the tip-off!


    This is why, when the Cloud version arrived, I got a deal on the previous non-Cloud version: Adobe cannot ransom me for access.
    Same goes for any other Cloud-based program [cough Office cough]

    What? I've been paying $24.99 per month for about 6 months now, when was it ever $14.99 a month?

    Exactly why I bought adobe CS6 outright... Adobe can charge what it likes and change it when it like for the cloud version and hold everyone to ransom

    My partner started filling out the cancellation page on the adobe website due to this price rise, There online support person popped up and offered another year for the same price of $14.99.... so dont pay more than you have to threaten to cancell your sub and you might get another year at the lower price

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