Alert: Renew Your Adobe Subscriptions Before June 5 To Avoid Price Hikes

Alert: Renew Your Adobe Subscriptions Before June 5 To Avoid Price Hikes

Adobe Creative Cloud is about to get even more expensive in Australia. From June 5, all software in the CC suite will increase by a whopping 25 per cent. The good news is that you can pay the existing price for another year if you renew your subscription early.

As reported over on Gizmodo, Adobe has more than doubled the price of Creative Cloud in Australia since 2014. The latest price hike is being blamed on fluctuating currency exchange rates. Here’s the explanation that was emailed to Australian CC users by Adobe:

As part of doing business globally, Adobe monitors currency exchange rates in order to make adjustments to our pricing up or down as needed. You may be aware that currency exchange rates have fluctuated significantly over the last few years. As a result of recent exchange rates in your region, the price of Adobe products and services is increasing starting on 5 June 2017.

If you elect to renew your subscription prior to June 5 you should “only” be charged the current pricing. Mind you, this is still much more expensive than in the US. (You even have to pay GST now, so the price disparity can’t be blamed on America’s after-sales tax.) Adobe is one of the worst offenders of the so-called “Australia Tax” and it seems determined to keep hikig prices until customers refuse to pay en masse.

It’s worth noting that there are plenty of free and affordable Adobe competitors on the market that provide most of the same functionality as Photoshop, Premiere and the rest of Creative Cloud. You can find some suggestions here and here.

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  • People wonder why I stuck with a (legitimate!) copy of CS5.
    And refuse to even consider the cloud based versions of Office / Autocad.

  • Anyone know how much the Photography plan is being increased by? I’d been planning to sign up this week on a monthly plan, but might go for the full year if it’s going up by more than a few $$.

    • I dimly remember you have to pay for a year at a minimum, you can’t just pay for three months.

      • Yeah, it was more to lock in the price really. I got the impression if I pay monthly, the price would go up to $15 (which is apparently what it is) next month so for may I would pay $12 then June would be $15, meaning I’d pay $176 or so for the year, or I could pay for a year now and lock in to only pay $140. Nothing I have seen anywhere has said I’d be locked into the $12 price for a year when paying monthly….

        • When it first came out I subscribed to the photography plan and had to commit to a year and paid $120, but Adobe might have changed it so you can just pay for three months

  • Fortunately I only paid for a pdf to Excel conversion utility for $27 soon to be $35, I may not need it later in the year

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