5 Ways Adobe Creative Cloud Will Boost Your Career

5 Ways Adobe Creative Cloud Will Boost Your Career
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As we are all spending more time at home, we are continually being bombarded with new online courses to try, some selling at outrageous prices. If you’ve wanted to finally learn or finesse your skills in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, but have hesitated because of the cost, this certification bundle is for you. Read on to learn five reasons why learning Adobe CC will benefit you in the long run and will only cost you a total of $33.99.

1. It’s A Versatile Skill

With skills in Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) no longer considered an “extra” skill to have in professions of all kinds, the bar is getting higher for candidates applying to new positions. Being able to have the fluency of the programs under your belt will bring you varied skills, no matter where your next work adventure takes you. Whether you’re tasked with creating social media content that stands out, or you need to add a logo to an image, learning Adobe CC will give you the leverage you need to wear multiple hats and take on new challenges you hadn’t considered. Plus, your certification will provide you with an edge on the competition at your next job interview.

2. Great Side Income

Although money isn’t everything, it sure is a necessity with prices continually rising in our economy. What better way to make some extra income than with graphic design. With designers earning an average of $50 an hour for gigs such as creating brochures, logos, posters, and so much more, you’ll soon be on your way to making money with your new skills. It’s a great way to use your extra time to start a side hustle of your own.

3. Find Employment in Any Industry

No matter what industry you are in, there is creative work that needs to be done to market and make brands thrive. All sorts of industries, from medical to fashion, need logos, brand guidelines, visual materials, and more to support their visibility. No matter the industry you’re keen on working in, the constant need for skills in Adobe CC opens up an endless realm of possibilities. Best yet, you can even work in any environment (think small teams or large corporations) or from anywhere in the world (think freelancing), and choose which path is best for you.

4. Adobe CC Can Act as a Creative Outlet

With endless life and work duties, it can many times be hard to find a balance to stay sane. It’s crucial to find a creative outlet, especially during these uncertain times, that can lower your stress and anxiety. According to an American Journal of Public Health study, there’s a connection between creative outlets and your mental and physical health. By learning Adobe CC and releasing the inner creative in you, you’ll be able to schedule time for yourself and let your inner artist out.

5. Graphic Design is an In-demand Career

According to the Australian Government Department of Education, graphic/web designers and illustrators are in high demand. With the unemployment rate significantly lower than other positions, this in-demand skill has a substantially strong future growth. No matter the industry, there will always be a need for talented graphic designers to join the team. Now is the time to start grasping and learning Adobe CC and start up a new career path or finesse the skills you already have.

Access to The All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Course Bundle is usually priced at $1,600, but, for a limited time, you can get access to it for $33.99. In other great news, Adobe is also offering two months of Creative Cloud access for free. Get cracking on building your creative expertise and take your career to the next level.

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