Adobe Creative Cloud Student Pricing Is Somewhat Less Painful

Adobe's habit of routinely overcharging Australians always makes us unhappy. One of the few legitimate means of reducing that cost is signing up for a student licence. That option has now opened up for the Creative Cloud subscription package, but you need to sign up by the end of November if you want the $14.99 a month rate.

The regular price for Creative Cloud is $62.99, so that's a good saving. To qualify, you need to send a scan of an accepted form of ID to Adobe — you can't just fake your way in with a email address.

According to Adobe, the $14.99 a month offer is available until November 30, and requires you to sign up for a one-year subscription. After that, the price will rise to $24.99. For once, the Australia tax doesn't seem to directly apply; the current on-special price for the US is $US19.99 a month, and goes up to $US49.99 from November 4.



    Rather than letting people know that Adobe isn't screwing Australian students as much as other Australians, I would point people at things like the Gimp, Graphics converter, Acorn, Pixelator etc. and try to get people not to buy Adobe products if Adobe wants to treat Australians this way. If nobody buys they may re think the pricing.

    I am quite willing to plunk down whatever the US is paying for the software, In fact I was trying to buy the whole CS5 suite when it came out, but I refused to swallow this two teir pricing.

    This BS of having to buy a year of 'support' in Oz is ridiculous. My latest check of just PS shows US $699 vs Oz $1062... and our dollar is stronger!

    Actually, I have also thought of buying it, and then just trying to rack up as many support hours as possible over the year to see if that gets their attention.


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