2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Broadband ISP

Another day, yet more awards! Today’s category in the 2012 Lifehacker Awards is Best Broadband ISP. Who connected with readers and our editor?

Readers’ Choice: iiNet

iiNet likes to boast that it’s the second-biggest provider in Australia behind Telstra; the fact that it remains so popular proves that becoming a large company doesn’t have to mean screwing everything up. Good-value broadband, excellent customer service and a huge range of inclusions in its Freezone make iiNet the one to beat for Lifehacker readers.

Editor’s Pick: iiNet

I’m singling out iiNet for a slightly odd reason: it hasn’t ruined Internode by acquiring it. I wrote almost a year ago about how the Internode buyout made me sad, and that I worried it would lose its distinctive character. That hasn’t happened: Internode still has separate pricing and doesn’t impose peak/off-peak distinctions, but has seen benefits from iiNet (including shifting customers away from Telstra exchanges).

Stay tuned throughout the week; we’ll announce a new category winner each day.

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