AWS Hits Australia, But You'll Pay To Be Local

After years of rumours, Amazon has launched an Australian presence for its Amazon Web Services cloud computing offerings. Companies that don’t want the latency issues associated with offshore cloud might welcome the move, but there is a premium associated with using the Australian services.

Picture by David McNew/Getty Images

Amazon confirmed the launch in a post on its blog overnight, marking its ninth distinct region where it offers AWS. Services on offer include its main Elastic Cloud Computer (EC2) product, as well as its Simple Storage Service (S3) option.

Amazon has always charged on a region basis, with different pricing and services depending on the data centre customers choose. That’s reflected in its pricing for the new Australian cloud offerings. As The Register notes, the prices for both EC2 and S3 are higher in Australia than most other markets. The differences aren’t massive and services which require a local presence will probably put up with them, but it does serve as a reminder that the ‘Australia tax’ doesn’t disappear with online services.

New Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region in Australia [Amazon Web Services Blog]

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